Pistachio Slices and Powder for Wholesale

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Pistachio Slices and Powder for Wholesale

Pistachio Slices and Powder for Wholesale

Pistachio slices and powder are commonly in use in various confectioneries and food factories. The Artin company is an Iranian nuts exporter.

The bulk sales of pistachio slivers and powder in world markets are very significant.
These products are often using to export to countries that are active in the production of sweets.

Pistachio powder can be produced using any type of pistachio kernel. But in order to receive health certification as well as having the right color and quality, there are some parameters to observe.
Pistachio powder is usually available in two types of green color and bright green (almost yellow) in the market.

Follow us with a brief description of the pistachio products trade.

Main Products of Iranian Pistachios

Main Products of Iranian Pistachios

Pistachio is one of the most important and strategic agricultural products of Iran.
Pistachio products, which have different types, are also very important.
Below you can see the names of some important pistachio products.

  • Kernels
  • Slivers
  • Powder
  • Slices
  • Paste and Butter

Of course, many products are from pistachios, but there are three products that are directly from pistachios and have more applications.
These three items are pistachio kernels, slivers, and powder.

In fact, these products themselves have different categories with different qualities.
The most important product of pistachio is the pistachio kernel, which has many applications and is in use in various industries.
Pistachio products, or rather pistachio powder and slices, are in use for applications such as confectioneries and ice_cream shops.

Usually, pistachio powder and slices are in use to decorate sweets and ice creams.
Usually, a small amount of pistachio powder or slices is in use in ice cream. In fact, pistachio granules are more common for sweets and ice creams.

In the following sections, we will provide more information about the wholesale of pistachio powder and its export to you.

Pistachio Slices and Powder Wholesale

Pistachio Slices and Powder Wholesale

Many companies are active in the production and wholesale of pistachio slices, slivers, and powder.
But we should be careful in buying all kinds of pistachio products and provide high-quality products.
For example, some people mix their pistachio powder with green food coloring and say that pistachio kernels are green and of good quality.

The Artin company is also one of the collections that sells and exports pistachios and all kinds of its products.
In this company, it tries to offer the best and highest quality products at the lowest prices, depending on the needs of customers.

There are usually two ways to sell/buy bulk powder and slivered ​​pistachios.

  • Sending in bulk for large confectionery and ice cream producers.
  • Or someone buys products as intermediaries and offers them to ice cream shops and confectioneries in smaller volumes.

You can contact the sales consultants of Artin Company for the preparation of various pistachio products and free consultation.
In the next section, we will discuss more, about the export of products of Iranian pistachios.

Export of Green Pistachio Powder

Export of Green Pistachio Powder

Sweets and ice cream have a large audience in different countries.
Due to this issue, the export of pistachio powder to different countries is also booming.
In fact, many countries use pistachio powder in their sweets and ice creams.

Below are the names of several major buyers of pistachio powder in which pistachio powder is in use in various uses, such as making ice cream and sweets.

  • India
  • Turkey
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Canada

Of course, in addition to these countries, many other countries also want Iranian pistachio powder.
The Artin pistachio exporter is exporting pistachio slivers and powder to the world markets in different qualities and colors. The type of pistachio powder using for export/import to a certain country is according to the needs of customers and their purchasing power.

You can contact the Artin Pistachio Sales and Export Consultants for advice, purchase, and export of various pistachio products.

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