Pistachio’s Sliver Price | Artin Green Pistachios

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Pistachio's Sliver Price

Pistachio’s Sliver Price | Artin Green Pistachios

Pistachio’s sliver price depends on quality and quantity. The greener the pistachio sliver, the higher the quality. Check Artin green pistachios.

The price of each kilo of pistachio’s slivers depends on various parameters.
Pistachio factories produce slices and slivers in different regions, but Qazvin and Kerman are the main production centers.

In this article, we examine the most important parameters for determining the quality and price of pistachio slices.
So join us on the official website of Artin company.
Also, you can visit the Artin Persian Website to get more familiar with us.

The Best Iranian Pistachio Sliver

Best Iranian Pistachio Sliver

Iran is known as one of the largest producers of pistachios in world markets.
In addition to pistachios, various products of this product are available in the market.
The most important and main products producing in Iran are:

Pistachio kernels | Pistachio slices | Pistachio powder | Pistachio slivers| Pistachio butter | Pistachio paste

In each of these products, there are different types and different qualities.
Obviously, pistachio’s sliver price also depends on its quality. therefore we have different prices of pistachio’s sliver in the market.

To produce pistachio slices, green and long pistachio kernels are in demand.
Pistachio kernels of Qazvin province are the best and most suitable products for the production of slices and slivers.
These products with excellent fat percentages are perfect for producing pistachio slices and slivers.

Pistachio slivers are also available in Karman, Khorasan Razavi, and Yazd provinces.
Some of these products are in competition with Qazvin products. Anyway, it doesn’t matter that your pistachios are from Qazvin or anywhere else. Obviously, your final quality will be important for the market.

But in Iran, Qazvin pistachio’s sliver price is higher than everywhere because of its quality.

Artin Green Pistachio Products Wholesale

Green Pistachio Products

Various companies are working in the field of production, processing, and packaging of various pistachio products.
One of the active collections in this field is the Artin dried fruits and nuts production company.
In this company, pistachio kernels and slivered ​​pistachios are produced and sorted in a specialized way.

Artin Sales Center also specializes in the export of these products.
All sales of this company are in bulk and the main focus is on the export of ​​green pistachios slivers, slices, and kernels.

In the Artin company, pistachio slices are available in different qualities most of the time.
But according to customers’ requests, most of the products are first-class and high-quality products.

For more information about the sale and export of this product, you can contact the relevant experts in the Artin sales unit.

Pistachio’s Sliver Price in Bulk

Pistachio's Sliver Price

One of the main questions to buy in bulk is what is the price per kilo of pistachios?
To answer this question, you must consider various parameters, the most important of which are:

  • Firstly, The quality of pistachios
  • Secondly, Supply and demand in the market (orders’ quantity)
  • Thirdly, Usd/Euro exchange rate to IRR

In the first place, the quality parameters of pistachio slice should be of importance.
The characteristics that are defined to determine the quality and price of each kilo of slivered pistachios are as follows:

Long Shape
The Green Color
Softness percentage
Moisture content
Also, Proper packaging

The next factor that affects the pistachio’s sliver price is the amount of supply and demand in the market.
In some periods when the volume of exports increases or in years when the production of orchards is low, the price of pistachio also increases.
But in years when the weather was good and the products were more than exports and sales, prices were down due to high supply.
Finally, the price of pistachios and their products has a direct dependency on the exchange rate.

The price of USD and euros in IRR is very influential in the export sales of these products.
The main reason is the export-oriented nature of pistachios and its products. Unfortunately, price stability is very low during periods of currency fluctuations in Iran.

Taking into account all these cases, the price of each kilo of pistachio can be received from the wholesale market.
You can contact our partners to receive the daily price of high-quality Artin sliced and slivered ​​pistachios.
Or fill out the relevant forms on the Artin website so that our experts can contact you as soon as possible.

Iranian Green Pistachio’s Sliver for Export/Import

Iranian Green Pistachio's

As mentioned in the previous sections, pistachio slices and slivers are one of Iran’s export products.
The main target market for pistachio slices and pistachio powder are countries that are active in the production of sweets.

The countries that have the highest volume of order registration for these products are:

  1. Canada
  2. UAE
  3. India
  4. Russia
  5. Germany
  6. Ukraine
  7. Switzerland
  8. Denmark

The packaging is very important for exporting/importing pistachios.
Because due to the high displacement of the product, the possibility of damage to it is high.
For this reason, proper packaging is one of the important parameters in pistachio slice ​​exports.

If you need a product with aflatoxin standard for export, especially to European countries, be sure to use the advice of Artin sales department.
Our colleagues in this section are ready to provide you with a complete explanation in this regard.

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