Pistachio Slivers and Powder for Sale in Bulk

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Pistachio Slivers and Powder

Pistachio Slivers and Powder for Sale in Bulk

Iranian Artin Nuts and Dried Fruits company produces pistachio slivers and powder for sale in bulk in other countries including your country.

Pistachio slices, slivers and green powder are the best-selling pistachio products in Iran.
In addition to the domestic market, these products have an acceptable volume for export to different countries.

The main production centers of these products in Iran are Kerman, Khorasan and Qazvin provinces.

Classy Pistachio Slivers Wholesale

Pistachio Slivers Wholesale

Wholesale of pistachio slivers and slices mostly relate to the following production units in Iran:

  • Confectionery
  • Ice cream production
  • Lokum and Turkish Delights production
  • Preparation of halva
  • Cooking
  • Using in some protein materials
  • Decorate a variety of food

Chopped pistachios have many uses in the field of food due to their beautiful appearance and good taste.

slivered and sliced pistachio ​​producers must be very careful in order to keep their buyers and customers satisfied:

  1. Recently sliced
  2. Good taste
  3. Low percentage of moisture
  4. Beautiful packaging
  5. Percentage of crushed and granulated kernels
  6. Green Color
  7. Uniformity and shape of the slivers and slices

All of these are examined to identify a good pistachio slice.

Major sales of this product, in addition to the domestic market, also has a very good export market.
At first, Iranians living in these provinces using pistachio slices, but after a while, other people also welcomed this product.

This made the export of this product to world markets boom very well.
In such a way that in pistachio containers, a part is often allocated to the export of Iranian green pistachio slices.

Pistachio Powder Wholesale Market

Pistachio Powder Wholesale

Pistachio powder is another popular pistachio product in Iran and the world market.
Powdered pistachio, like most slivers, is using in the cake, confectionery and ice cream industries.

The volume of pistachio powder use is also significant in some days of the year and this issue has caused many production units to offer this product in the market in the pistachio-rich provinces of the country.

In the production of pistachio powder, the most important issue is the absence of hard pistachio skin or any other foreign materials.

Since the presence of these substances causes damage to the lips and mouth, it must be very careful when producing.
However, some pistachio kernel production units clean their pistachios completely without any foreign substances before powdering using a laser sorting machine.

This issue is of great importance in the preparation of exported pistachio powder.
After that, the color and taste of pistachio slices are important, and the product must be freshly powdered according to the customer’s order.

Export/Import Green Pistachio Slivers and Powder

Green Pistachio Slivers

Exports of Iranian pistachio slivers and powder are booming and different countries are buying these products.

The following countries account for the largest volume of major purchases of these two products:

  • Canada
  • India
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • Switzerland
  • Russia
  • Ukraine

Traders between Iran and these countries always allocate part of their orders through chopped pistachios and high quality pistachio powder.
In export, in addition to observing the quality points that were examined in the previous sections, packaging is also important.

For chopping pistachios, packaging should use to prevent the product from crushing by many movements.
For this reason, it is often common to use strong cartons or two cartons to move pistachio slices.

Vacuum packaging mostly use to increase the shelf life of pistachio powder.

Pistachio Products Online Sale in Bulk

Pistachio Products Online Sale

With the expansion and penetration of cyberspace, online wholesale and retail online shopping has increased.
So that some export/import customers no longer need a physical presence in Iran to buy their products.

Instead, they make their purchases online by using various methods of building trust and creating suitable conditions for customers.

This lack of on-site presence greatly reduces buyers’ costs, but most customers have concerns about product quality.
This issue can also be solved and different companies do the necessary research on the volume and quality of the product.

Traders and importers of the product in other countries can buy the product with confidence.

On the other hand, these worries are more common the first time you buy, but in the long run, all these problems will decrease.

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