Pistachio Slivers in the Netherlands | Artin Pistachios Products

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Pistachio Slivers in the Netherlands | Artin Pistachios Products

Pistachio Slivers in the Netherlands | Artin Pistachios Products

Pistachio Slivers in the Netherlands – Pistachio Nuts and Kernels for Wholesale – Iranian Green Pistachios Export/Import – Artin Products.

Exports of pistachio slices and slivers to the Netherlands and France, along with Italy and Spain, account for a significant volume due to the production of sweets.
High-quality and first-class green pistachio slices and slivers have many buyers in the European market.

Slice is one of the main products of pistachio, which is in use as a raw material or to decorate cakes, pastries, ice cream, and potions.
In the Artin production company, pistachio slices are available in 3 different quality grades. Each of these quality classes has its own market.

But for export-quality products and product distribution in European countries, 2 quality grades are usually in use and they are more suitable for export.

Green Pistachio Slivers for sale in the Netherlands

Green Pistachio Slivers for sale in the Netherlands

Pistachio slices and slivers are one of the pistachio products.
Most of the pistachios products of Iran are in use for export to other countries.

The following are the features of Iranian pistachio slices:

  • First-class taste
  • Really green color
  • Enough oil

Iranian pistachio slices are of high quality.
However, due to the high price of this product, the relevant features and load should be checked first and then proceeded to purchase.
Here are some of these features for you.

  • The greenness of pistachio slices
  • The quality of the desired pistachio slices
  • How to pack pistachio slices
  • Its storage conditions

Iranian pistachio slices have different uses.
Below we will mention some of these applications for pistachio slivers in the Netherlands.

  • Using in the confectionery industry for decoration.
  • In the food industry
  • Using slivers in the ice-cream production to decorate them.

As you can see, pistachio slices and slivers are mostly in use for decoration in confectioneries and ice cream shops.
It is quite clear that due to the high price of this product, it is not used much in the production of sweets and ice cream. But pistachio kernels and granules are more common for using inside sweets, chocolates, and ice cream.

In addition, these applications will not be specific to our beloved country Iran. In foreign countries, pistachios are used in various ways.
Below we have useful materials for you to export/import pistachio slices and slivers to Europe, especially to the Netherlands.
The Artin pistachios products are really wide and you can see various types of green pistachio products among them:

Pistachio slivers, Pistachio Granules, Powders, Slices and Chips.

Artin Pistachio Slice Production Center

Artin Pistachio Slice Production Center

As mentioned in the previous articles, pistachio slices have various uses.
In pistachio kernel production workshops, the producers first place pistachios in water.
After that, they remove and peel the thin purple skin of the kernels, and then it’s time to turn these kernels into slices, slivers, or chips.

Artin Pistachio Company has also significant activities in the field of production and sale of pistachio slices.
You friends, due to the integration of the production and sale stages of pistachio slices in this company, you can buy your desired pistachio slices with the best price and quality.

Of course, in general, the price of this product is high.
For this reason, a large quantity of this product is to export to European countries.
For advice, you can contact the company’s sales consultants.

How to export/import pistachio slivers to the Netherlands

How to export/import pistachio slivers to the Netherlands

As we know, Iranian pistachio slices have many uses.
One of the main uses of pistachio slices is to use it in sweets.
In Iran and many other countries, including European countries, pistachio slices are in use in the production of sweets.

Iranian pistachio slices have given a beautiful effect to European sweets due to their green color.
Exporting sliced and slivered ​​pistachios to the Netherlands has two main features.
Some of the pistachios are in use in this country. Most of the pistachios are for export to other European countries after being received in the Netherlands.
In fact, Europeans love the green color of Iranian pistachios.

But due to some strictures of the people of this continent in importing pistachios, importers use other ways and solutions.
For example, they export Iranian pistachios to the Netherlands.
The Netherlands has less strict customs duties on imports.
So it is easier to export pistachios to the Netherlands and then distribute them to other European countries.

We hope to be able to introduce and offer these valuable products to all the world together.

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