Zereshk Supply for Australia | Artin Dried Barberry Center

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Zereshk Supply for Australia | Artin Dried Barberry Center

The Artin company is active in the business of Zereshk supply for Australia and Malaysia. Where is the dried barberry’s wholesale center?

The optimal quality and reasonable price of barberry in Iran have made this country one of the centers for selling the best barberry for export in the world.
In fact, Iran is the only production center of red barberries (Seedless/Edible/Red) in the world. Obviously, the best prices for Zereshk supply for Australia are only achievable in this country.

Many countries want Iranian barberry for import, among which Australia is one of the target markets for selling the best Iranian barberry.

Barberry Production Center in Iran

Due to the fact that barberry is a tropical product, South Khorasan is able to provide a suitable environment for the growth and development of this product in Iran.
Currently, more than 90% of Iran’s export-quality barberry is the product of the South Khorasan province.

Barberry varieties available in Khorasan:

  • Anari Barberries
  • Pofaki Barberries

Most imports of Iranian barberry consist of red barberry varieties. And these varieties depend on the drying method at the production step.

Anari barberry is dried in direct sunlight. But puffy (Pofaki) barberry is placed in the shade and in the barberry hall to dry.

Puffy barberry has a relatively lighter color than Anari barberry, which causes more attention to applicants. And demand is higher in this type of barberry.

Anari barberries usually come to the market two months after harvest. But because the drying process of puffy barberry is longer than this variety, the process in puffy barberry takes up to five months. Therefore, you see the new crops Pofaki Zereshk in the market at least in February.

Now, the question is:

Which barberry variety is the best for Zereshk supply for Australia?

Barberry is commonly in use both directly and indirectly in restaurants or for decoration in confectioneries, food factories, medicine production, and so on.
The best variety for use depends on the purpose of using this product.

Iranian Zereshk Pricing Parameters

Several factors affect barberry pricing, including:

  • Barberry type
  • Color
  • Pest rate and quality
  • Health certificates
  • Destination country
  • The amount of tail and foreign matter
  • Moisture content

Barberry is also one of the export products whose price is very dependent on the exchange rate of the USD to IRR.
Also, among other things that affect the price of barberry is its supply and demand in the market.

Organica barberries have better quality and their price is mutually higher because they must be regularly monitored by experts.
Also, in the production of these barberries, no fertilizers or chemicals are in use.
The point is that the Wholesale and Production center of both regular and organic barberries is in the Khorasan province of Iran. Therefore, if you are willing to the business of Zereshk supply for your customers in Australia, you need to find your supplier in Iran and in Khorasan.

Many countries, including Australia, Japan, Canada, Germany, South Korea, and Romania, are applying for organic barberry, which is the best barberry in Iran.
However, the number of barberry production centers is less because it has relatively hard conditions to maintain.

Puffy Zereshk Supply for Australia

Barberry can be exported to Australia by sea and air, which is usually done by air if the volume of exports is low.

If the volume of imports is high, you need to use sea shipping. for sea shipping, you need to use reefer containers. It’s important to control the temperature and humidity of the container to avoid any damage to products.

The barberry market in Australia is in great demand for Iranian Pofaki barberry. One of the main concerns of buyers in the Australian market is that barberry changes color after being cleared in this country. To do this, proper packaging should be in use so that humidity and heat have a low effect on the color and quality of barberry.

One of the packages in use in the Artin barberry company is fabrics with a special thickness. This fabric allows air to pass through the package, and this prevents the barberry from sweating and changing color.

If you want to import barberry to Australia, you can contact the sales department of Artin Barberry Company.

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