Pistachio Varieties for Kazakhstan | Iranian Pistachios Exporters

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Pistachio Varieties for Kazakhstan | Iranian Pistachios Exporters

Pistachio Varieties for Kazakhstan | Iranian Pistachios Exporters

Iranian pistachios exporters send different pistachio varieties to Kazakhstan directly from Iran at affordable prices to import and wholesale.

Pistachios are of interest to the Kazakhstan market in different qualities.
Class B pistachios are available in large quantities. Iranian pistachio exporters send and export these products through Almaty and Aktau.
Therefore, we will give you more information about this type and quality of pistachios in this article.

Exporting pistachio varieties from Mashhad (Khorasan, Iran) to Almaty is the most common method.

Badami, Ahmad Aghaei, and Fandoghi pistachios have many buyers in this country’s market.

Pistachio Varieties for Import to Kazakhstan

Pistachio Varieties for Import to Kazakhstan

Iran is one of the largest exporters and producers of pistachios in the world.
Iran sells the most pistachios in Asian markets.
Obviously, you know that American pistachios have fewer buyers in the Asian market.

The main pistachios of Iran are:

  • Super Long Pistachio:
    • Akbari
  • Long Pistachio:
    • Ahmadaghaei
    • Badami
  • Round Pistachio:
    • Fandoghi
  • Jumbo Pistachio:
    • Kalleghouchi

Apart from these 5 items, other types are also available in the market of Iran but they are less common than others.
Cheap and affordable products are often in use to export pistachios to CIS countries.
Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Russia are the main buyers of Iranian pistachios in the region.

Among the pistachio varieties, the highest sales in the Kazakhstan market are Badami, Fandoghi, and Ahmad Aghaei varieties.
The main center of Badami pistachio production is in Faizabad, Khorasan Razavi province.
Fandoghi pistachio is also available in large volumes in the Bardaskan city of this province and is a good option for the market.

Geographically, buying from Khorasan Razavi province for export to Kazakhstan is one of the good options.
Both the distance is shorter and there are land and rail shipping routes.
The rail route is more economical but has a minimum volume of 50 tons.

Low Price Pistachios Wholesale

Low Price Pistachios Wholesale

As mentioned in the previous section, cheap and low price pistachios are more popular in the Kazakhstan market.
Because the purchasing power of the general public is not high and they are looking for pistachios with a high percentage of salt and the lowest possible price.

In this regard, while sending different pistachios to this market, we realized that the best option is to supply Class B pistachios.
Class B pistachios mean a combination of natural open and mechanical open pistachios with different percentages.

Since the taste of mechanical-open pistachios is different from natural-open pistachios, these varieties are usually roasted with a high percentage of salt.
Roasted and salted pistachios are more palatable and of interest in this country.

In the Kazakh market, pistachios are available in both bulk and small packages.
the most volume of pistachio varieties sale in Kazakhstan is in bulk.

Artin Pistachio Company is one of the active pistachio exporters in Mashhad.
This collection prepares pistachios with salt and saffron for export to the CIS countries.

Due to the establishment of this company in Khorasan province, it has one of the competitive advantages, especially in price.
For more details about buying pistachios for export, you can contact Artin sales unit.

Processing Pistachio Varieties for Kazakhstan

Processing Pistachio Varieties for Kazakhstan

Producers and exporters should categorize their pistachio nuts on the basis of their size or caliber.
Therefore, pistachios harvested from orchards need a size sorting and a sieving procedure after drying.

It is a basic machine to separate closed-mouth pistachios from open-mouth pistachios.
Then we need a sieve machine for the sorting by size.
Then its size is common by the name of Ounce, which indicates whether the product is small or large.

In the Artin pistachio production company, all matters of roasting pistachios with 5-ton ovens are done.
At the end of the roasting machine output, a small vacuum removes all the extra skins from the main product.
This makes the appearance of pistachios very good, especially when you are purchasing mechanical open pistachios.

For product packaging, the process should be according to the needs and tastes of customers in the destination country.
Some traders and merchants tend to buy pistachios in 50 kg bags due to their market and type of consumption.
Others, due to their distribution, supply, and also having more beautiful packaging, prefer to buy pistachios in 10 kg cartons.
Others tend to buy pistachios in small packages for sale in stores and nut shops.

Each of these types of packaging has different costs.
Also, you can contact us for more information about roasting and product packaging costs.

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