Pofaki Zereshk Wholesale | Iranian Barberry Exporter

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Pofaki Zereshk Wholesale

Pofaki Zereshk Wholesale | Iranian Barberry Exporter

There are two main types of Iranian barberry in the market. Anari and Pofaki Zereshk Wholesale have a good profit for Iranian exporters.

Direct sales of barberry in different types of puffy barberry and pomegranate seeds barberries mainly does by Artin Berberis Vulgaris Company.
The products of this collection will be ready for supply in domestic and export markets in different qualities.

You can contact us to get the price.

Iranian Puffy Barberries

Iranian Puffy Barberries

Puffy barberry or Persian Pofaki Zereshk is a first-class export quality product that selects for direct sale inside Iran and export to Germany, France, Canada, Kuwait and etc.
Barberry is one of the major products of Iran that has been able to appear in the country’s export products as a successful and profitable product.

Barberries also consider by many buyers in the export market due to its various medicinal properties, including hematopoiesis and anti-cancer.
The process of producing puffy barberries is longer than other types of barberry. But it is much better in terms of quality and appearance.

The most important features of good POFAKI Zereshk in the wholesale markets are:

  • Complete Puffy Shape of dried barberries
  • Do not mix with Anari (Pomegranate Seed) barberry
  • Uniformity of size and shape
  • light color
  • Low moisture percentage
  • Suitable packaging

Puffy barberry has a higher price than other types of barberry, including pomegranate seeds, sub-pomegranate and lavashaki.

Pofaki Zereshk Wholesale in Khorasan, Iran

Pofaki Zereshk Wholesale

Direct sales of barberry in Iran have is doing by various suppliers in Birjand and Mashhad, and Artin dried fruit factory is also one of the largest suppliers of Persian Zereshk in the country and in the international market.

A few points are very important in buying/selling barberry that buyers should pay attention when buying.
Due to the fact that barberry is a very sensitive product to humidity and storage, and if it is affected by heat and humidity, it turns black and its food quality decreases, proper arrangements must be made for the packaging of the desired product To prevent this problem.

The next thing that is important in the barberry trade is choosing the type and quality of barberry for sale in the destination city and country, which requires consultation with relevant experts in this field in order to be profitable in addition to choosing the right product among the existing products.

Iranian Pofaki Zereshk Wholesale Price

Pofaki Zereshk Wholesale

Pofaki Zereshk has different quality grades based on quality characteristics and criteria.

Of course, in the field of nuts, especially barberry, there are minimums that define in standards for barberry fruit.
But there are some other appearance and quality parameters that don’t examine and measure in these experiments.

In fact, These cases are more in terms of appearance of product and can affect the direct sale of barberry in all markets.
The Pofaki Zereshk wholesale price in the market depends on various factors, especially supply and demand.
But in different conditions, the prices are completely different. For example, since the beginning of 2020, due to the spread of the Corona virus, the demand for barberry has been very low.
This caused the price of barberry to fall sharply.
In the period from April 2020 to August, the price of puffy barberry reduced from 4 USD/Kg to less than 2.5 USD/Kg.
On the other hand, due to the warming weather, the supply of barberry from farmers increase in summer and this issue was further due to the sharp decline in barberry prices.

But due to price fluctuations, barberry production units and sellers try to update the prices of their products for their customers every two to three days.
In this regard, to receive the daily price of barberry varieties of South Khorasan, you can contact the sales unit of Artin Commercial Production Factory.

The Best Iranian Puffy Barberry for Export/Import

Iranian Puffy Barberry

The best puffy barberries of Iran use for export to all parts of the world.
The Iranian Pofaki Zereshk wholesale market is growing rapidly, and clear horizons can imagine for this market.

Iranian puffy barberry sends to different countries, but the main buyers are as below:

  1. Germany
  2. Canada
  3. Iraq
  4. Kuwait
  5. Russia
  6. Italy
  7. Australia

Of course, for export, the conditions and standards of the destination country must also consider.
To prepare and package the product according to those conditions so that it can be cleared from the customs in the shortest possible time.

One of the most important things to consider in the export of barberry in bulk is packaging of the product.
These packages must have conditions that barberry does not sweat and change color and quality.
Some barberry exporters in Iran use special fabric packaging for this purpose.

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