Premium Pistachio Kernels for Sale

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Premium Pistachio Kernels

Premium Pistachio Kernels for Sale

There are many buyers for Iranian premium pistachio kernels in any market. If you want to import high quality pistachio kernels for sale in your market, read this article.

Raw pistachio kernels sell/buy in different types at different prices.

Most of Iran’s pistachio kernel products use for export to different countries.

In this article, we examine the types of pistachio kernels and the amount of sales and purchases.
Also, We introduce you different varieties of Iranian premium pistachio kernels.

Iranian Pistachio Kernels

Iranian Pistachio Kernels

Pistachio kernel is one of the most important and basic products that has the highest sales after the main product. The main product means in-shell pistachio nuts.
This product itself divides into different types based on quality and type of processing.

In the following, we will briefly refer to these types of a first-class and strategic Iranian product, namely pistachio.

Crushed and Granulated pistachio kernels:

This type of product is generally use for ice cream and confectionery and is available in two varieties, “peeled” and “ordinary”.

Not Sorted (Mixed) pistachio kernels:

This type produces when the cracking unit don’t sort the kernels by size and type. In fact you can find long, round and even halved pistachio kernels in this type all together.
Lower production cost is the main reason to produce this type.

Green pistachio kernels:

This type produces from raw and unripe pistachios, which widely use for food industry due to its green color.

Wild pistachio kernels:

This type of pistachio kernel don’t produce from orchards products and its primary pistachio is from the forests of North East Khorasan. Green color and different taste are the main parameters of this type.
Not only Iran, But also Afghanistan is the producer of this product.

Peeled pistachio kernels:

This type of kernel is the result of processing the green and divides according to the amount of green color. In fact, Sorting by color is the main procedure to produce this type of premium quality pistachio kernels.
Export quality and domestic consumption of this kernel are very different in price.

Raw Pistachio Kernels Sale Center

Pistachio Kernels Sale

Raw pistachio kernel sales centers are usually located near pistachio production centers.
Kerman, Khorasan and also Yazd provinces have the most pistachio kernel production units.

Various companies are cracking in-shell pistachios in industrial zones and on the outskirts of pistachio-producing cities.
In these units, the variety of pistachio kernel production is high and on the other hand, in terms of quality, the desired quality product can be produced.

Artin production factory is one of the pistachio kernel production units in Khorasan Razavi province.
In this collection, raw premium pistachio kernels sell in bulk.
Obviously, There are different types of pistachio kernels available for you in Artin Co.

Premium Pistachio Kernels Export

Premium Pistachio Kernels

Most of Iran’s pistachio kernel products use for export to various countries.
Pistachio kernels export from Iran to different countries.

Among the countries that have the highest number of registered orders for Iranian pistachio kernels are:

  • India
  • Canada
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Kuwait
  • Iraq
  • Swiss
  • China

In addition to Iranian pistachio nuts, these countries also use pistachio kernels for trade between their country and Iran.
Iranian pistachio kernel, along with other pistachio products such as pistachio powder and green pistachio slices and slivers, has a very good market in different countries of the world.

The main consumption of pistachio kernels and other pistachio products is more for confectionery and bakery products.

Artin Factory Pistachio Kernels Price

Pistachio Kernels Price

The price of pistachio kernels, in addition to the current price of the currency, is highly dependent on quality characteristics.
For bulk purchase of pistachio kernels, most of the criteria considered by the exporter are considered by the producer.

In other words, according to the customer’s order, the intended pistachio is broken and pistachio kernel is produced.
The most important features that examine are as follows:

  1. Type of in-shell pistachio
  2. Good taste and freshness
  3. Percentage of broken and crushed kernels
  4. The amount of blackness and pest infestation
  5. Package type

On the other hand, due to price fluctuations in the market of nuts, especially pistachios, the update price can not place on the site.
For this reason, you can contact the sales unit of Artin Production Company to send you detailed information in this area.

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