Puffy Barberry Price | Iranian Dried Pofaki Barberries

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Puffy Barberry Price

Puffy Barberry Price | Iranian Dried Pofaki Barberries

You might know that the best quality of barberries is Pofaki (Puffy). Iranian Puffy barberry price would be better if you buy from Iranian producers and suppliers.

What is the price of first class barberry in the wholesale market of Iran?
Where is the best place to buy barberries in bulk to import to your country?
What is the season of harvesting puffy barberry and offering it in the market?

Follow us in this article to get the answers to all the above questions.
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Pofaki (Puffy) Barberry Harvest Season

Barberry Harvest Season

Iranian edible red-barberries, which produce as in orchards in South Khorasan province of Iran, has no seeds.

All barberry trees in this province are of the same type and there is no difference in terms of race and type.

But the question here is why red-barberry is selling in the market under different names and types?
In answer to this question, we must explain that the methods of drying and processing barberry are different.
We have two following types in Iran’s market:

  1. Iranian Dried Pofaki Barberries (Puffy type)
  2. Iranian Dried Anari Barberries (Pomegranate Seed type)

In other words, barberry is not different from other orchards in South Khorasan province until it is harvested from the tree. But different methods for drying the crop cause dried barberry to be offered in different types in the market.

The harvesting season of fresh barberry from the orchards of southern Khorasan begins in late September and continues in some areas until November.

This time difference often depends on how cold the areas are.

Pofaki Barberry Wholesale Season

Barberry Wholesale Season

To produce puffy barberry, after harvesting from the orchards, the barberry transfers to the processing and drying halls on branches. In fact, in this state, barberries don’t separate from the branches

As you can see in the picture above; Fresh barberry separates from the tree by a branch and sends to the hall (hall or shed) by basket.

To dry the barberry in a puffy way, the halls prepare in different types.

In some halls, barberries hang from the ceiling by a rope, and in some other barberry production halls, they place on shelves made of scaffolding or wood (the image below is an example of these drying halls).

In these halls, fans and valves usually use to allow air to pass through. So that the barberry loses its moisture and reaches normal and standard levels.

Barberry that dries in this way on a branch away from direct sunlight calls “puffy barberry”.
The drying process of puffy barberry takes about 3 to 4 months, depending on the humidity and the time of harvest from the tree.

The most important features of puffy barberry are its light color and completely puffy shape.
Obviously, this different methods of processing cause that puffy barberry price different from other types.

Iranian Zereshk Production and Wholesale Center

Iranian Zereshk Production

As you know, the main center of production of barberry in Iran is South Khorasan.
The cities of Birjand, Qa’en, Sarbisheh and Arianshahr have the highest area under barberry cultivation in this region.

Various production factories and workshops in the big cities of South Khorasan Province, process, package and sell barberries.

Barberry sales centers mostly concentrate in Birjand and Qa’en, which are also easier to transport goods in terms of communication routes.
Artin Barberry Production Factory, with its presence in the barberry market for several years, mainly processes the products of its orchards and other areas of the province.

This factory have active production lines of various types of barberry and sells its products in different qualities in the market inside and outside Iran.

The production units of this company located in Birjand and Arinshahr and the company’s sales office operates in Mashhad to sign contracts.

Puffy Barberry Price in Bulk

Puffy Barberry Price

The price of first-class puffy barberry is higher than other types of barberries.
The reason is the time consuming production, more importantly, the high quality of this type of barberry.

But to diagnose good quality puffy barberry, various parameters must measured and examine:

  • Barberry color
  • Product size
  • Amount of moisture
  • Cleanliness (no foreign matter such as wood, leaves, gravel, etc.)
  • packaging

Of course, there are other parameters such as microbial testing and residual testing of pesticides, which for some special cases in the export of barberry are examined by a laboratory approved by the Deputy Minister of Food and Drugs and Standards.

keep in mind that to register your order, be sure to contact the sales department of Artin Company to inform about discounts and sales conditions.

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