Purchasing Iranian Unab in Bulk | Artin Dried Red Dates

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Purchasing Iranian Unab in Bulk | Artin Dried Red Dates

Purchasing Iranian Unab in bulk for sale in shops or to use as traditional medicine is common in Iran. You can buy Artin dried red dates.

Buying export-quality jujube from the production center causes the product to be exactly in accordance with the target market.
Iranian high-quality Unab has many buyers in the markets of different countries including Iraq, Canada, Kuwait, England, and Germany.

Iranian jujube is smaller in comparison with Chinese red dates. But in terms of taste and medicinal properties, it is in use in various pharmaceutical companies.

South Khorasan province is the largest jujube production center in Iran. The companies that produce and export this product often produce, process, and package first-class jujube in this city or its suburbs.
Therefore, if you have any plans for purchasing Iranian dried Unab in bulk, South Khorasan is the production center where you can find high qualities besides lower prices.

In this article, we try to provide you with useful and comprehensive information for ordering export jujube. So join us.

Iranian Dried Red Dates for Export/Import

One of the questions that may come to your mind is what jujube variety is suitable for export/import.
On the other hand, we know that there are different types of jujube.
You might say that the highest quality jujube is for export if that is not the case.

Jujube will be selected according to its use in the target market.
For example, some countries want jujube for its medicinal properties.
These countries start purchasing Iranian Unab with small size instead of large and high-quality jujube.
These jujubes have a lot of wrinkles and are common with the name of MEDICINAL JUJUBES because of their medicinal properties.

On the other hand, they may buy jujube for nuts (as dried fruit).
Higher quality of jujube will be in use for export to these countries.
In general, you should pay special attention to these issues when purchasing Iranian jujube (UNAB).

Iranian Unab Producing Companies

We know that South Khorasan is the main center of jujube production in Iran.
According to rumors, the main habitat of jujube was located in another place. However, due to the climate of South Khorasan province, jujube cultivation is common and widely spread in this province.

Of course, jujube is also available in other parts of Iran. But statistics show that more than 95% of jujube cultivation is in South Khorasan.
In this regard, there are many processing factories and workshops in this province.
In these workshops, various activities are performed, including jujube classification.

Purchasing First-Class Iranian UNAB

As you know, there are several workshops and collections in the field of processing and selling jujube.
These workshops are generally in South Khorasan Province.
So we understand that the best place to buy jujube is South Khorasan.
One of these companies is Artin Jujube Company.

Due to its structure and doing many things, this complex tries to reduce costs.
Reducing costs has two general benefits.

  1. At first, it reduces the price of jujube for consumers.
  2. And then, Due to the reduction in price, the quality of jujube can be higher day by day.

In general, you can buy the jujube you want with one call or several messages.
For advice, export, or purchase of jujube, you can contact the consultants of the Artin company.

Current Price of Iranian Red Dates

The price of Iranian jujube depends on various factors.
Among these factors, we can mention the size of the jujube, the appearance and wrinkles on the skin, and the states of jujube pests.

But the price of jujube depends on other factors as well.
For example, due to market fluctuations or supply and demand, the price of jujube may change.
Of course, due to the small export of jujube, the price of this product will not change quickly.

It can be said that in general and in a few periods, the price of Iranian jujube will change.
According to these issues, you should get the daily price to buy or export jujube.

For information on the current price of jujube or the purchase and export of various types of jujube, you can contact the consultants of the Artin collection.
The consultants of Artin Trading Company will guide you.

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