Purchasing Jujube Fruits for Canada | Iranian Anab

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Purchasing Jujube Fruits for Canada | Iranian Anab

The Artin nuts and dried fruits company exports Iranian jujube fruits for Canada and America’s market. Purchasing Iranian Anab is possible.

The jujube export market in Canada is more inclined to coarse and big size jujube.
The best option for the bulk purchase of this product is the active producers in South Khorasan province.

Iranian jujube fruits have buyers in the market of different countries, one of which is Canada.
In the Canadian market, Iranian products such as barberry, saffron, and jujube, which are products of South Khorasan province, are in great demand.
In the following, we will talk more about the types of jujube and its quality determination parameters.

The Best Large-Size Jujube in Iran

Best Large-Size Jujube

Jujube is available in different countries and you see their products in the world market.
Iran, along with China and Russia, is the main producer of jujube in the world.

Iranian jujube is different in taste from Russian and Chinese jujube.
But in terms of size, the Chinese jujube is much larger than the Iranian Anab.

In this regard, countries that are looking to buy the big-size jujubes often do so through China.
But in Iran, large jujubes can be provided to export customers through sieves and sorters.

On the other hand, Iranians living in other countries are more familiar with the taste of Iranian Anab.
For this reason, the tendency to buy Iranian jujube is more than other countries’ jujube fruits, especially in Canada.

In this regard, stores supplying Iranian and Afghan products in all countries are buyers of jujube fruits from Iran.
The main buyers of Iranian jujube in world markets are the following countries:


Small and big Iranian jujube fruits are available in the markets of these countries at good prices.

Iranian Anab Purchase for Import

Iranian Anab PurchaseThe main center of jujube production in Iran is South Khorasan province in the east of the country.
Birjand city as the center of this province is the largest producer of Iranian ANAB.

Rural areas and various plains in this province are under red dates jujube cultivation.
The major sales center of these products is also in the same city.
In Birjand and surrounding cities, various production workshops are active in the supply and distribution of jujube. There are your options for purchasing Iranian jujube fruits at affordable prices for import to Canada.

One of the companies active in the field of sale and export of jujube is Artin Jujube Company.
In this company, all production processes, sorting, packaging, sales, as well as customs formalities for export are available.

Purchasing the product directly from South Khorasan also has many advantages for buyers.
The most important thing is to buy the product at a competitive and fair price.

Jujube Fruits Market in Canada

Jujube Fruits Market in Canada

The jujube export/import market in Canada is very good due to the existence of stores supplying Iranian foods.

Of course, this product is available in the market in some cities through suppliers of medicinal plants and spices.
Because Iranian jujube is one of the main options in the treatment of various diseases, especially colds and sore throats.
In recent years, many companies exporting Iranian jujube and barberry to the Canadian market.

The good reception of these products has caused us to see the growth of exports of these products every year.
If you want to buy jujube for export to Canada, you can contact the Artin jujube sales department.
Our partners provide you with pictures of products along with the daily price of jujube.
You can click on the image below to message us on WhatsApp:

The most important quality parameters that should be under consideration for exporting jujube to Canada are the following:

  • Suitable color of jujube (dark red)
  • Jujube size
  • No wrinkles of jujube (smooth and uniform)
  • No pests and worms
  • Proper packaging

By considering these parameters, the best export-quality jujube can be purchased from active producers in South Khorasan province.

Note that the jujube harvest season is every year in August and September.
The best time to buy first-class and high-quality dried jujube in Birjand is from October to mid-March.

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