Pure Barberry Powder | Iranian Red Zereshk Powder

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Pure Barberry Powder

Pure Barberry Powder | Iranian Red Zereshk Powder

Pure barberry powder is a new spice with many benefits and uses to produce traditional medicines. Iranian red Zereshk has many benefits.

You can find Iranian pure barberry powder in the South Khorasan province of Iran but it is not that easy to find.
The Artin barberry powder is pure and there are no additives in it.
Artin Barberry Production Center is one of the main suppliers of natural barberry powder in this province.
To produce powder in this collection, healthy barberries without pests are in use.

The price of barberry powder is directly dependent on the price of the barberry product that is in use for the mill.
The amount of mill (Mesh or the size of powder) and the type of packaging are also effective in determining its price.

Pure Barberry Powder Sell/Buy in Iran

Pure Barberry Powder Sell

Production and sale of barberry powder is a business of a limited number of companies in South Khorasan province.
Each of these companies has specific formulas for Iranian Red Zereshk powder production. Which is determined according to the initial product and its additives.

Barberry powder is usually available in bulk or in 100, or 200-gram packages.
One of the companies active in the field of production and wholesale of barberry powder is Artin Barberry Company in Khorasan.

This production unit produces red barberry powder without using any additives.
This product is made only from barberry and is completely natural.

Not using additives causes the powder to have some sticky state.
But its naturalness and purity cause this issue to be ignored by many buyers.

Various pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturers are the main buyers of this product.
Iranian red Zereshk powder is in use as a raw material for many foods.
This product, in addition to being a flavoring and spice, also gives a very good color to other products.

By the way, there are some buyers of Iranian red barberry powder that import it for medicinal purposes as well.

Barberry Powder Production Factory

Barberry Powder Production Factory

The Artin Barberry Factory is selling its products directly from the factory for the convenience of buyers.
Of course, the minimum amount of sales is specified to be economically justified for both the buyer and the factory (MOQ).

If you want to buy barberry powder in bulk, you can contact the Artin sales unit.

Buying directly from the factory has many advantages, Which is actually quite two-sided is beneficial for both the buyer and the seller.
The main ones are:

  • The price is affordable and competitive
  • Fast delivery nationwide
  • Product packaging according to customer requirements
  • Product novelty

All this is very important for some factories.
On the other hand, with the spread of social networks and the penetration of the Internet in people’s daily lives, many purchases are online.

In recent years, many of the major sales of the Artin barberry company are online.
This is due to the history and antiquity of this company in the wholesale market and Iranian manufacturers.
Various factories buy barberry and its powder from the Artin barberry company.

If you also want to buy barberry powder in bulk, apply now.

Price of Barberry Products

Price of Barberry Products

Of course, you can not expect to buy without seeing the product sample even if it is pure barberry powder with no additives.
For this reason, samples of Artin products will be made as soon as possible by registering your request.

If you use barberry powder as raw material and need a larger sample volume for testing, be sure to discuss this with your Artin sales managers.
There are various methods to send samples to clients and buyers.

Depending on your city and country, leave the choice of the fastest shipping method to us.
In bulk purchases, the selling price of barberry powder is very important.

The price of barberry powder depends on various parameters.
The main one is the daily price of the barberry product for pulverization.

At some point in time, prices fluctuate sharply.
But in the Artin collection, it is tried to get the powdered barberry to the production and industrial units at the lowest possible price. Because it has a great impact on the cost of their product.

Contact Artin sales unit to receive the daily price.

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