Qazvin Green Pistachio Kernels Export/Import

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Qazvin Green Pistachio Kernels Export/Import

Qazvin Green Pistachio Kernels are the greenest Iranian pistachio kernels that have a purple skin color and are perfect for export/import.

One of the main sales of Qazvin pistachio kernels is for export to different countries, especially Canada and some countries in the Persian Gulf.

Qazvin pistachio kernels are very green (inside) and their appearance is purple and good-looking. This product is one of the best products in Iran in terms of fat percentage and taste.

One of the main applications for the Qazvin pistachio kernel due to its extraordinary green color is the production of pistachio slices and slivers. In different countries, this product is also in use to prepare a variety of sweets and ice cream.

Qazvin Green Pistachio Kernels Supply Center

Many countries, including Canada, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman, are looking for purple skin pistachio kernels. Appearance quality and good taste are the main parameters of pistachio kernels for export/import to these countries.

One of the good options for Iranian pistachio kernel exporters is the kernels of Qazvin pistachio nuts. These pistachio kernels have a full green mantle (It means that the inside is green). And on the other hand, its taste is exemplary. Therefore, these pistachio kernels are really of interest in the export/import markets of different countries.

The Artin Company is one of the companies producing and exporting various pistachio kernels in Iran. Which produces its products professionally for export/import to different countries. Since the main focus of this company is on foreign markets, all documents and health analyze, and certificates of products are available for buyers.

In this company, in addition to first-class purple skin and green pistachios, various types of pistachio slices, granules, and even peeled pistachio kernels are also available for sale in the markets of different countries. According to the needs of the market of the destination country, it is possible to produce the product in different qualities, in which you can talk to sales experts.

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Direct sales of products always have many advantages for both the buyer and the manufacturer. Perhaps the most important thing is trading the product with the lowest possible costs, which causes the product to be offered at a competitive price in the target market.

Another advantage of this method is that it is possible to change (improve or reduce) the quality during production; In fact, When your supplier is a producer as well, it can control the quality. Therefore, you can receive the product at the best affordable price at your acceptable quality.

Meanwhile, the production company is capable to package pistachio kernels according to the needs and requests of customers as much as possible. Which will prevent the product from any damage or any other costs of changing the packages.

All this causes major buyers and traders to seek to buy the product directly from the production units. One of the companies active in the field of pistachio kernels’ production is the Artin pistachio production company in Iran. In fact, Iran has various pistachio production companies but not all of them are able to produce export-quality products. Also, there are not numerous Iranian companies producing pistachio kernels and exporting them by themselves.

In this company, pistachio kernels are available in different types and qualities. And all the products are available to customers in domestic and export markets. To receive the price of the products, you can contact our partners in the sales and trade department.

How to Purchase and Import Iranian Pistachio Products?

In order to import Qazvin green pistachio kernels, it is necessary to first determine the destination Country. In fact, it’s in order to determine the need for health documents and analyzes. Because some countries require special health certificates for the clearance of pistachio kernels. Therefore, it must be careful from the time of production and you should know what you need for clearance in your country.

For example, for import to Germany, pistachio kernel aflatoxin certification is necessary, which is not in demand for countries such as Kuwait and Oman.

For this purpose, you can use the free consultation of our colleagues in the commercial department; If you are familiar with this issue, the price of the products will be announced by the sales team.

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