Rafsanjan AhmadAghaei Pistachios | Iranian White AA Pistachio Nuts

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Rafsanjan AhmadAghaei Pistachios | Iranian White AA Pistachio Nuts

Rafsanjan AhmadAghaei pistachios are one of the best varieties of Iranian pistachio nuts. White shell pistachio nuts are greatly in demand.

In fact, the white shell of Rafsanjan Ahmadaghaei pistachios causes great demand in various markets. Therefore, Its export volume is really high.

For example, Indian traders, who are often looking for white pistachios, are the main buyers of this product.
Other countries such as Ukraine, Iraq, Kuwait, and some European countries are looking to buy Rafsanjan AhmadAghaei pistachios from Iran.

Due to its good taste and excellent appearance, this pistachio is available at a higher price than its similar items in the wholesale and export markets.

There are several ways to buy this product directly from pistachio recording terminals and production plants.

Best Rafsanjan Pistachio Nuts

We all know that the two main centers of pistachio production in the country are Kerman and Khorasan Razavi provinces.
The city of Rafsanjan in Kerman province is like a jewel that shines in the Iranian pistachio industry. In this city, 4 types of pistachios with the highest quality are almost always available.

Below you can read more about the best available varieties of pistachio nuts in Rafsanjan.

AhmadAghaei pistachio is one of the best pistachios in Rafsanjan.
The export volume of this type of pistachio is high and it is also in use for the production of pistachio kernels, slices, and slivers.
These kernels of pistachio are in use in far and near countries to produce a variety of sweets and ice cream.

On the other hand, the Fandoghi pistachio is a pistachio with a small size and round shape. This pistachio is also available in abundance among domestic consumers and has a lower price than other pistachios.

In the next step, we reach the Kalleghouchi pistachio.
This pistachio has a beautiful appearance and is a major part of Iranian pistachio exports.

In the end, we will examine Akbari pistachios. Akbari pistachio is very similar to Ahmad Aghaei pistachio. This pistachio is larger and coarser than Ahmad Aghaei pistachio.
By the way, the Akbari pistachio has a little longer shape. Therefore, you might see this type of Iranian pistachio nut in other markets as a SUPER LONG PISTACHIO.

Raw and Salty Pistachios to Buy

Now the question is how and in what way you can buy different types of pistachios.
Numerous workshops and factories are active in processing and selling raw and salty pistachios.

The best option for buying agricultural products is the city that produces these products.
In fact, you should travel to cities such as the cities of Khorasan Razavi and Kerman. Of course, this does not end here.
In recent years, due to the growth of social media and social networks, the online wholesales of agricultural products have also grown significantly.

Artin company is also one of the factories that do many activities in this field.
Due to its structure and reduction of side costs of products, this group tries to reduce the final price of its products.
For this reason, pistachio traders can experience easier sales by buying from this collection.

To consult or buy different types of raw and salty pistachios, you can simply contact the consultants of the Artin company.

Rafsanjan AhmadAghaei Pistachios Wholesale

When it comes to Ahmad Aghaei pistachios, it is not without merit to mention the Nough region in Rafsanjan.
Nough is one of the cities of Kerman province, which is located around Rafsanjan. This city is famous for its pistachios of Ahmad Aghaei.
Ahmad Aghaei pistachio of this city has two prominent features.

  • It has a colorful pistachio kernel (Purple Skin Pistachio Kernel).
  • The skin of this pistachio with its light color has given a wonderful effect to this pistachio.

The bulk of this pistachio is in use for export to different countries due to its characteristics.
Countries like India are very interested in Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio. For this reason, if you intend to export pistachios, one of your options can be this pistachio.

Of course, in the path of exporting agricultural products, you should pay attention to various small and large points.
Artin Group consultants will provide you with important export information. For consulting, buying, or exporting pistachios, you can contact the consultants of Artin company.

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