Rafsanjan Ahmadaghaei Pistachios Price | White Skin Nuts

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Rafsanjan Ahmadaghaei Pistachios

Rafsanjan Ahmadaghaei Pistachios Price | White Skin Nuts

The best type of pistachio producing in Iran is Rafsanjan Ahmadaghaei pistachios. The white skin of AA pistachio nuts make demands with higher price for it.

What is the price of Ahmad Aghaee white skin (shell) pistachio in Nough market in Rafsanjan? (Nough is somewhere in Rafsanjan with large farms and orchards of Rafsanjan Ahmadaghaei pistachios)

Which companies can supply Ahmad Aghaee pistachios with competitive price in bulk or packaged?
To get answers to your questions in this regard, read the article published on Artin Dried Fruit website.

White Ahmadaghaee Pistachios Production Center

White Ahmadaghaee Pistachios

Ahmad Aghaei pistachios cultivate and produce in different regions of Iran.
But the main center or in other words the center of its production is in Kerman province and specifically Rafsanjan city.

In different areas of Rafsanjan, Ahmad Aghaei pistachios produce in high volumes.
One of the areas whose name is well known in world markets is Nough, Rafsanjan.

Nough region of Rafsanjan is quite famous in the production of white skin Ahmad Aghaei pistachio nuts. The point is, Rafsanjan Ahmadaghaei pistachios have purple skin kernels.

A large volume of pistachio products from this region of Kerman province use for export.
Ahmad Aghaei white pistachio has many fans in the markets of India, Russia, Kazakhstan and some Arab countries.

The Canadian and German markets are also major buyers of this type of pistachio with special conditions.

Direct Purchase of Pistachios from Rafsanjan

Purchase of Pistachios

Many farmers in Nough region send their products to the wholesalers in the market of Rafsanjan.
Who sell their products as a trust or a royalty.

But large farmers with high pistachio production volumes sell their products directly.
In other words, they try to sell their product to factories, exporters or traders in other countries.
Direct selling as such has many benefits for both the manufacturer and the buyer.

The most important advantage of this direct buying method in bulk is the competitive price.
When the goods are available and the owner of the goods has full authority to buy and sell the product, the product can is purchasable at an agreed and fair price.

This has led many pistachio traders and importers in different countries to buy pistachios in person.

Classy White Pistachio Nuts Price

Classy White Pistachio

The price of first-class white pistachios varies in wholesale markets.
But this product can be bought at a reasonable price from Noughi farmers.

Of course, in the same area of ​​Rafsanjan, pistachios are different in terms of quality and the parameters should examine.
The most important quality parameters in the major purchase of pistachios are:

  1. Pistachio ounce (size)
  2. Percentage of Close-Mouth
  3. Percentage of Slightly-Opens
  4. Appearance of the product
  5. Percentage of Kernel
  6. Uniformity of size and shape
  7. packaging

All of the above are effective in determining the price of white pistachios.
On the other hand, due to the high volume of pistachio exports, its price is often related to the exchange rate of the currency.
In other words, the price of currency has a direct effect on the price of pistachio products and its products.

Rafsanjan Ahmadaghaei Pistachios Export/Import

Rafsanjan Ahmadaghaei Pistachios

Rafsanjan Ahmad Aghaei Pistachios, as mentioned, is well known in international markets.
Traders and merchants of different countries buy this type of pistachio directly from Rafsanjan or other production centers.

These AA pistachio nuts is of interest because of its quality and appearance characteristics.
And this issue has increased the volume of exports of this product in the market of other countries.
The main countries that buy Ahmadaghaee pistachios are:

  • India
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kuwait
  • Canada
  • Swiss
  • Italy

Indian traders are keen to buy pistachios that are completely white.
On the other hand, the taste of pistachios is also very important for them because most of their sales in India are raw.
So the pistachio must be fresh and tasty.

The Indian market near the special celebrations and holidays is in great demand to buy pistachios from Iran.
One of the most important of these ceremonies is the celebration of Diwali in India.

Rafsanjan Pistachios Packaging for Export/Import

Rafsanjan Pistachios

Pistachio packaging has a direct impact on the price of white pistachios and should calculate as a cost.

Pistachio packaging, whether in bulk or in small export packages, should always select based on accurate and calculated marketing in the destination country.
If we buy pistachios in proper packaging with prior planning, it will be much easier to sell the product in bulk and in part in the market of the destination country.

That is why the activists of the field of dried fruits advise the loved ones who want to be present in this market, to do the initial marketing in a completely principled way and to consult with experts in this field.

In this way, in addition to major exports and foreign exchange for the domestic market, good profits can be obtained for the exporter and seller of the product in the target country.
By the way, Not only for getting update prices, But also for any consultation, you can make direct contact to Artinnuts export manager: +989153627103

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