Raw and Roasted Jumbo Pistachios | Iranian Kalleghouchi Pistachio

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Raw and Roasted Jumbo Pistachios

Raw and Roasted Jumbo Pistachios | Iranian Kalleghouchi Pistachio

One of the biggest sizes of Iranian pistachio is raw and roasted Jumbo pistachios. Its Persian name is Kalleghouchi pistachio in the market.

You can buy Iranian Kalleghouchi pistachio nuts raw and roasted in Iran from suppliers and exporters.
Being raw or roasted depends on your market for jumbo pistachios.

The daily price of this product depends on many parameters but the demand for export/import markets is the most important parameter.
The main center of raw and roasted jumbo pistachios production is Khorasan and Kerman in Iran.

Kalleghouchi pistachio is one of the best-selling cultivars in domestic and foreign markets due to its large and colorful kernels.
In addition to the raw form of this product, the supply of its salted and roasted form, which is produced using additives and during the roasting process, is booming.

One of the necessary methods to maintain health and increase the shelf life of nuts is to place them in appropriate packaging, which affects the quality and price.

Supplying Iranian Kallegfhouchi Pistachios

Supplying Iranian Kallegfhouchi Pistachios

As you are aware, until 10 years ago, most of Iran’s pistachios were sold and exported from the Kerman province of Iran.
But with the expansion of pistachio planting and production in other provinces, Kerman is no longer the only pistachio center.
In many provinces, pistachios with very good quality are available.

It is one of the active regions in the field of pistachios in Khorasan Razavi province.
This province is one of the main centers of pistachio production and sales in the past few years.
Very good farmers and traders have invested in this province for years.
In different regions of Khorasan province, they are producing various pistachios including raw and roasted jumbo pistachios for the market.

But the main center of production and sale of Kalleghouchi pistachio is Sabzevar city.
Of course, this city has different areas, the most important of which are Jovein and Esfarayen.

jumbo pistachio of these areas has a high quality due to its very good water sources.
Many buyers and exporters of this product are present in the region during the harvest season.
Some of these customers also buy fresh pistachios and do the processing and drying themselves.

Even a part of Kalleghouchi pistachio products delivers to pistachio recording factories and terminals in Kerman at the beginning of the season.
This region of Khorasan Razavi province is very active in supplying raw and roasted jumbo pistachios.

Most of the region’s products are using for export to various countries, including Lebanon and Canada.

Raw and Roasted Jumbo Pistachios Export/Import

Raw and Roasted Jumbo Pistachios

Iran is exporting pistachios to different countries.

Jumbo pistachio is usually large in size and is in the category of Round pistachios.
This pistachio is available in 20-22 and 22-24 sizes more than other sizes.

If the producer dries jumbo pistachios correctly, the pistachio will be perfect in appearance aspect.
Because the appearance of the load is of great importance for exporting/importing.
One of the good-looking pistachios is the Khorasan Kalleghouchi pistachio, which is well in international markets.
The following countries are the destination for exporting first-class Iranian pistachios:

Lebanon – Kuwait – Canada – Ukraine – Indonesia – Germany

Of course, it should be noted that some countries buy mechanical-open pistachios.
For example, pistachios exporting to Russia and Ukraine are often not naturally open.
Either pistachios are completely mechanical-open or a combination of natural and mechanical open.

The reason for this is the reasonable price of mechanical-open pistachios.

Daily Wholesale Price of Pistachios

Daily Wholesale Price of Pistachios

In order to have the daily price for bulk purchase of Kalleghouchi pistachio, the following items must be specified:

  1. destination country
  2. Purchase volume
  3. The desired size
  4. Percentage of close-mouth
  5. Being naturally or mechanically open
  6. Being raw or salty (Roasted or not)
  7. Package type
  8. Term of delivery
  9. Payment method (Rials, Dollars, Euros, and…)

All of the above, along with the daily exchange rate, are the most important factors affecting the price of pistachios.
If all the above items are defined and you need to receive the daily price, you can contact the Artin pistachio sales unit.

You can also wait for our colleagues to contact you by completing the forms on the website.

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