Raw and Roasted Pistachio Kernels Producers and Suppliers

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Raw and Roasted Pistachio Kernels

Raw and Roasted Pistachio Kernels Producers and Suppliers

There are many suppliers and producers of Iranian raw and roasted pistachio kernels in Iran exporting to your country at affordable prices with good qualities.

In addition to the domestic market, raw and salty Iranian pistachio kernels are also popular in export markets.
Pistachio kernel producers often operate in Kerman and Khorasan provinces.

Artin dried fruits factory is one of the exporters of pistachio kernels from Iran with competitive prices.

Iranian Pistachio Kernels Types

Iranian Pistachio Kernels Types

Iran is a manufacturer and exporter of various types of pistachio nuts and kernels.
Iranian pistachio kernels have a very high diversity.

Close-Mouth pistachios commonly use to produce pistachio kernels.
Because when pistachios are sorting, Open-Mouth pistachios separate from Close-Mouth pistachios.
In many pistachio orchards, the percentage of these close-mouth pistachios are high.

This type of pistachio use to produce various types of pistachio kernels.
Fandoghi, Badami, Koleghouchi, and Ahmad Aghaei pistachios have the highest sales of pistachio kernels, respectively.

Now each of these types can place in the following categories:

  • Unripe or Immature pistachio kernels
  • Peeled Pistachio Kernels
  • Purple Skin pistachio kernels
  • Green belly pistachio kernels
  • Halved, Crushed, and Granulated pistachio kernels and broken

This variety in kernels’ production causes a great variety in the consumption and applications of this product.
For this reason, pistachio kernels are using in different foodstuffs.

Iranian Raw and Roasted Pistachio Kernels

Raw and Roasted Pistachio Kernels

Complete shape (Not halved and broken) Iranian pistachio kernels, which often sell in the market through nuts stores, are sold in two ways:

  • Raw
  • Roasted (Can be salty or not)

Of course, you see roasted and salty pistachio nuts in the market with different percentages of salt.
In salted pistachio kernels often lose their original appearance.

On the other hand, raw pistachio kernels have their own fans in some parts of Iran and even other countries such as Switzerland, Pakistan, India, and the UAE.
This type of pistachio kernel is tastier for these people than the roasted pistachio kernel.

Salted pistachio kernels are producing by production units that have roasting and oven equipment and devices.
Some of these production units receive a minimum order for roasting the product due to the large size of the machines.

Direct Sale of Iranian Pistachio Kernels

Iranian Pistachio Kernels

Many pistachio breaking workshops in Kerman and Khorasan provinces are producing pistachio kernels.
However, a limited number of production units have facilities and equipment for roasting and processing pistachios and their kernels.

One of the active units in the production of pistachio kernels and also its export is the Artin Nuts production company.
Artin Factory performs all matters of breaking, hand-picking, and roasting of pistachios and pistachio kernels.

Direct sales in this production unit cause the final price of the product for the consumer to be as low as possible.
Meanwhile, brokers and wholesalers can also sell these products at a good profit in the market.

For more information and also to know the daily prices of different types of pistachio kernels, you can contact the sales unit of Artin Nuts and Commercial Production company.

Artin Production Group, as one of the exporters of Iranian export-quality pistachio kernels, is ready to sign long-term contracts with you.

Raw and Roasted Pistachio Kernels for Export/Import

Raw and Roasted Pistachio Kernels

Raw and roasted Iranian pistachio kernels, as mentioned, have special buyers in some countries.
The highest sales of processed pistachio kernels in Iran are related to the following countries:

  • Switzerland
  • Poland
  • Emirates
  • India
  • Also Pakistan

There are several ways to export pistachio kernels.
But in this path, prerequisites must be provided in advance so that the desired product can easily reach the customer in the target country.
In this regard, marketing research must be done accurately and comprehensively in the target country’s market.
After this research, in addition to assessing the needs of the target market, the product should be selected.
Now, this product of different types of pistachios produced in Iran can be offered raw or salted in that market.

Then the next step is packaging and sending the products to the customer.
At this stage, it is necessary to perform customs formalities and obtain the necessary certificates by the person or company with a business card.
After the customs procedures, the load is ready for shipment and also for the delivery to the destination customs.

All these things are doing by the commercial team of Artin Dried Fruit Factory without receiving any cost for the customers.
Contact the business unit for more information.

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