Red Barberries for Oman | Iranian Seedless Zereshk

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Red Barberries for Oman

Red Barberries for Oman | Iranian Seedless Zereshk

Do you want to buy red barberries for Oman? The Iranian and Persian name of this seedless barberry is Zereshk.

Iranian Red barberries are buying and selling in the Oman market at reasonable prices.
Omani traders are trying to buy the best pomegranate seed barberry (One type of dried barberries) in Iran at competitive prices.

The production center of Iranian red barberries is in South Khorasan province.

What is the Iranian Red Barberry?

Iranian Red Barberry

In Iran, barberry is producing in two general branches and varieties. And this product is selling in the market in these two main types:

  • Blackberry Barberry
  • Red barberry

The production volume of blackberry is very low and produces at high altitudes and it is mostly using for syrup production.
One of the characteristics of the Black-barberry besides its black and dark color is that it has seeds inside.

But the barberries producing in the orchards of South Khorasan province are red and seedless (without seeds).
Iranian red barberry has different types, some of which we will examine in the following.

The most important types of Iranian red barberry that are using for large exports to Oman and other countries are:

  • ANARI Zereshk or Pomegranate Seed Barberry
  • POFAKI Zereshk or Puffy Barberry

Each of these types is producing, drying, and processing in different ways, which we have studied in detail in other articles published on the Artin barberry website.

Puffy barberry with a bright color and perfectly uniform with low moisture is perfect for restaurants and foodstuffs.

This type of barberry (Puffy or Pofaki) has a higher price than other types of seedless barberry.
But many export customers want to buy this product because of its high quality.

Red Barberries Production Centers in Iran

Red Barberries Production

The center and main hub of the barberry production area are in the south of Khorasan Province.

In each of the production areas, according to the weather conditions and the type of water using for orchards, the quality of barberry is slightly different from each other.

On the other hand, in some areas, due to spraying other fields, barberry trees also need to be sprayed.
While in some areas of South Khorasan province, barberry is producing without any pesticides and fertilizer and sending to international markets.

Of course, products that are producing without the use of pesticides are selling as high-quality or organic products in the markets of European countries at high prices.

Of course, it has its own customers and there is still a lot of work for this product.

Sale of Seedless Red Barberries to Oman

Seedless Red Barberries to Oman

One of the main markets for the sale of Iranian Red seedless barberries; is the Oman market.
In this market, only Iranian red barberries have buyers and the focus is more on buying puffy barberry.

Since the quality of the product is of great importance to the people of Oman, traders and merchants prefer to buy the best puffy barberry in Iran.

Puffy or Pofaki barberry is ready for the domestic and export markets every year from February and March.
This type of barberry is buying and selling in bulk in the markets until December of the next crop year.

Although the price of this product is more expensive than other types of barberry, the percentage of moisture and its high quality will cover this price difference.

In Oman and Kuwait markets as the two main buyers of Iranian red barberries, uniform load (with no tails on the barberries) are also important quality parameters.

For this reason, in processing barberry for export to Oman, the products must pass the manual sorting tape in addition to the machine sorting.

Importing Iranian Red Barberries to Oman

Red Barberries to Oman

It is very simple to export and send barberry from Iran as customs affairs.

Since the barberry product is not subject to the mandatory standard, by declaring the barberry to customs, all the necessary certificates for export and clearance in the destination country can be obtained.

The most important certificates necessary for the export of red barberries to Oman are the Phytosanitary Certificate and the agronomic certificate of the barberry crop.

The route of sending barberry from Iran to Oman is usually through the following:

  • Carrying out customs formalities in the city of origin (Mashhad)
  • Sending cargo from Birjand or Mashhad to Chabahar or Bandar Abbas port
  • Container sea transportation from Iranian ports to Oman (Muscat)

Appropriate bulk packaging should also use to export Red barberries to Oman.

Because at the time of shipment and also in Oman itself, the amount of humidity and heat is high; And these two environmental factors affect the quality of barberry.

For this reason, Artin Barberry Company uses fabric packaging for bulk packaging of barberry. This type of packaging has good feedbacks from the Persian Gulf countries.

Also, reefer containers must use to transport barberry, especially in the hot months of the year.

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