Red Barberry for Uzbekistan | Iranian Zereshk Import

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Red Barberry for Uzbekistan

Red Barberry for Uzbekistan | Iranian Zereshk Import

The Artin company exports Iranian red barberry for the Uzbekistan market and Iranian Zereshk is easy to import to Uzbekistan.

One of the buyers of Iranian red barberry fruits is Uzbekistan. They don’t buy Iranian Zereshk in high quantities but they are buying it regularly and increasingly.

There are two types of Iranian barberry importing to Uzbekistan. One of them is Iranian POFAKI Zereshk and one another is ANARI Zereshk.

It is the production center of Iranian barberry in the South Khorasan province of Iran.
Obviously, there are various qualities available in the market to purchase in high quantities for export/import.

One of the main suppliers of barberry in Iran is the Artin barberry Company.
In the following, more information about barberry export is available to you.

Red Barberry Varieties for Uzbekistan

Red Barberry Varieties

Iran is the largest producer of barberry in the world. Also, Red-edible Berberis Vulgaris is only available in Iran.
Edible barberry in Iran is available in 2 types of red barberry without seeds and black barberry with seeds.

Black barberry grows naturally in different mountains.
This plant is in the highlands of Shahroud and Bojnourd cities of Iran in large volume.

To harvest it, you need a license from the Natural Resources Organization in Iran.
But seedless red barberry, which is available in large quantities in Iran, is planted in the orchards of Khorasan province.

This product is a hardy shrub that does not need much watering.
It is also highly adapted to the climate of the southern region of Khorasan and has the highest efficiency in this region of the country.
Red barberry in these areas has 2 general types: POFAKI and ANARI.

These products are in the market for different time periods.
Because the drying and processing of each of these types are different from each other.

Iranian Red Barberry Wholesale Center

Red Barberry Wholesale Center

The main center of purchase and sale of Iranian barberry is the South Khorasan province.
Birjand and Ghaenat counties are the largest producers of Iranian Zereshk.

In this region, in addition to barberry, saffron and jujube are also available in high volumes.
Various companies in these cities are active in the supply of barberry.

But most of these workshops prepare their products for distribution in the domestic market of Iran.
Some countries need more processes for barberry.
The most important of which is the process of sorting barberry.

Artin barberry production company has been active in the field of barberry wholesale in the domestic market for many years.
But this company has started its activity in the field of barberry export in 2013.
Obviously, Barberries in this industrial unit are available in different packages in the market.

In the field of barberry export, various bulk packages are using to meet the needs of the target market.
Among the types of barberry, puffy barberry is more popular in European countries due to its brighter color.

But in the CIS market, most orders are for ANARI barberry.
This type of barberry is more in use in these countries due to its dark color and higher juice and grade.

Uzbekistan is one of the main buyers of Iranian ANARI barberry.
In addition to Uzbekistan, Russia and Kazakhstan also buy large quantities of this type of barberry.

Export of Zereshk to Uzbekistan

Zereshk for Uzbekistan

Exporting red barberry to Uzbekistan is usually through the customs of Khorasan province.
The origin of most exports from Iran to Uzbekistan is from the city of Mashhad.
Due to its short distance to Iran’s eastern borders, this customs has one of the great advantages for exporting from Iran to Uzbekistan.

There are several ways to import red barberry directly from Iran.
The most important way of sending is by land and rail.

Brand-free white cartons with labels are commonly in use to export barberry to Uzbekistan.
ANARI barberry cartons usually weigh 10 kg.
Which is labeled with the date of production and expiration and the information required by the customs of destination.

Also, you can contact the Artin sales unit to get the daily price for barberry export to Uzbekistan.

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