Red Barberry Major Supply | Artin Iranian Zereshk

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Red Barberry Major Supply | Artin Iranian Zereshk

Red Barberry Major Supply | Artin Iranian Zereshk

Red barberry major supply is what the Artin Iranian Zereshk Company does. The Artin company export dried red barberries from Iran.

You might see both organic and non-organic Iranian red barberries in every market. The source of all these barberry fruits is the Khorasan province of Iran. Iranian red barberry major supply is not possible for all the companies especially when you need organic barberries.

Of course, you might find some sellers on the web. But obviously, for competitive prices (when you are purchasing in bulk and high quantities), you need to find producers who can export to your country directly.

The number of traditional workshops that sell barberry is very large. In these workshops, barberry is purchased from farmers and after processing is sold through wholesale markets. But these traditional workshops have two main problems:

  1. Low supply capacity
  2. No FOB or CIF delivery terms

By the way, there are two main varieties of red barberry fruits available in Iran for major supply:

  1. Puffy Barberries
  2. Anari Barberries

Puffy and Anari Barberry Differences

Puffy and Anari Barberry Differences

The trees from which farmers harvest barberry fruits are one type. In fact, the ways that they dry barberries are different. Therefore, based on these two methods, there are two different varieties of dried red barberries in the market.

The main difference between Puffy barberry and Anari barberry is in the appearance and amount of juice. Given that Anari red barberry dries in direct sunlight, it has a darker color than Puffy red barberry, which gets dry indoors.

But because puffy barberry dries on the branch, some of its sap returns to the inside of the branch, but this does not happen in the Anari variety of barberry and the product has a very high sap.

These differences are the reasons for different uses for each type of barberry. For example, Anari red barberry’s major supply is more for the production of syrups, drinks, ice cream, sweets, jams, desserts, and so on.
But red puffy barberry is often in use for packaging and major supply in chain stores due to its light red color and low moisture. The main use of puffy barberry is for cooking, which is very popular in different countries besides Iran.

Purchasing Barberries from Major Producers

Purchasing Barberries from Major Producers

Once we are familiar with barberry and its types, we can buy this product in bulk with ease. Now you can go to the main centers and major producers for direct purchase.

The main production center of barberry in Iran is South Khorasan province, which of course many people think that Mashhad is a producer of barberry, when in fact this is not the case. The cities of Sothern Khorasan Province, which are about 500 km away from Mashhad, are the main producers of Iranian red barberry.

When buying barberry in bulk, in addition to the type of barberry, its quality characteristics should also be considered, the most important of which are:

Barberry color – Barberry size – uniformity and cleanliness – Moisture content – Packaging

All these cases have an effective and direct relationship in determining the quality and price of barberry. Barberry is a product that during processing if the producer takes more concern and time for it, the product is ready for the market in a uniform manner and free of any foreign substances.

However, many companies and production units do not use the necessary care and attention during processing. They do this to increase the speed of product supply in the market, and this issue causes the product to be at a lower price in the market. The cleaner and more uniform the product, the fewer worries the seller and the buyer have.

Major Supply Price of Red Barberry

Major Supply Price of Red Barberry

Where are the barberry wholesale markets? What is the difference between the selling price of barberry in these markets?

Follow us to get the answers to the above questions and get acquainted with one of the companies active in the field of production, sale, and export of barberry.

The main markets of barberry suppliers in Iran are as follows in terms of distance to the production center:

  2. QAEN

If you are looking for the best prices, you should look for barberry in bulk in the first 3 markets. Because many farmers and producers sell their products directly from the factory door.

One of the companies selling barberry for domestic markets as well as export and international markets is Artin Barberry Production Company, which is well known in the market. This collection specializes in barberry and jujube products of South Khorasan province throughout the year. Low distance to the orchards of production and the use of young and specialized personnel has led to the preparation of high-quality products for the market.

To receive the price of barberry in the Artin barberry collection, you can contact the sales department of this collection. Necessary information about the bulk purchase of barberry will be provided to you by our partners.

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