Red Barberry Powder | Organic and Non-Organic

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Red Barberry Powder

Red Barberry Powder | Organic and Non-Organic

Red barberry powder is a new spice using in Germany, France, and Ukraine. Both organic and non-organic barberries powder is available here in the Artin Iranian Berberis Vulgaris Company.

The perfect red color beside barberries sour taste makes its powder a perfect spice.
In fact, it’s a new spice using in Germany, France, and Italy, and also there are many buyers in Korea. The buyers in Korea make different herbal medicines with this product.

Iranian Berberis Vulgaris fruit is the initial product using to produce red barberry powder.
There is nowhere in the world that you can find the same barberries fruits as Iran.
Iranian barberries are seedless, red, and also edible.

What is Iranian Barberry Fruit?

Iranian Barberry Fruit

Only one variety of barberry products in Iran and known as the Iranian barberry fruit.
It’s the seedless type of Berberis Vulgaris fruit.

The red color, sour taste, round shape, and edible-seedless fruit are the features of Persian barberries

The Persian name of Iranian barberry in the market of Iran is “Zereshk”.
But “Zereshk” fruit in Iran is using only for the following purposes:

  1. Decorating foods in restaurants
  2. Cooking delicious foods at home
  3. making delicious jams and juices
  4. Also, using in producing some especial variety of Lokum (Turkish delights)

Using barberry in the form of powder is not common in Iran.

How to Buy Red Barberry Powder?

uy Red Barberry Powder

Iran is the main producer of red-seedless barberries. But it doesn’t mean that you can find barberry powder in Iran easily. In fact, the barberry powder is using in Europe and other countries more than in Iran itself.
In other words, red barberry powder is not that known in Iran whether its organic qualities or the non-organic varieties.

The Artin barberry company is one of the producers, suppliers, and exporters of red barberry powder.
In this factory, you can find not only regular (non-organic) barberries powder but also organic barberry powder with the following quality:

  • Red color
  • No additives
  • %99 pure barberry
  • Pesticides less than 0.05 mg/kg (completely healthy product)
  • various types of packaging
  • No foreign material

The Artin Company’s Barberry Productions:

If you are willing to import Iranian strategical dried fruits, Barberry might be one of the perfect choices.
There are different varieties and quality of barberries in the Iranian market.
Let us talk about some of them in the following:

Barberry Fresh Fruit

Barberry Fresh Fruit

The fresh fruit of red barberry is using mostly in Iran and there are not special import/export markets for it.
In fact, it’s a fresh fruit with a really short shelf life. That’s why you can not supply this fruit for export/import wholesale markets and fresh fruit markets.

In Iran, Fresh barberry fruit mostly uses to produce delicious juices.

Barberry Dried Fruit

Barberry Dried Fruit

There are two main varieties of dried barberry:

  1. Puffy-shape barberries
  2. Pomegranate-seed-shape barberries

These are literally translated names of dried barberry varieties. In fact, the real names are as follows respectively:

  1. Zereshk POFAKI
  2. Zereshk ANARI

When we are talking about dried barberry varieties, each of these varieties have 3 different available qualities in Iran’s market:

  1. Non-Organic barberries
  2. Healthy barberries (the residual pesticides is less than 0.05 mg/kg)
  3. Organic barberries (the residual pesticides is less than 0.01 mg/kg)

Red Barberry Powder

Red Barberry Powder

Red barberry powder produces from Iranian dried red barberries. This barberries powder has a good market in other countries but not in the domestic market of Iran.

The three above mentioned qualities of dried barberry are available in the red barberry powder.
Also, the microbiological parameters of healthy and organic barberry are tested and are based on hygienic standards.

If you are willing to know more about these products, you can make direct contact with the Artin company by clicking on the image below:

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