Red Barberry Price Wholesale Supplier

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Red Barberry Price

Red Barberry Price Wholesale Supplier

Which supplier is a source of red barberry price (Exporting from Iran)? What are the characteristics of a good barberry for export and wholesale? For answers to these questions, go to the official website of Artin Factory.

Iran is known as saffron and pistachios in global agriculture markets. Khorasan is the main production region of these products. In this part of country most of the crops are growing and producing with little need for water.

Edible red barberry is also one of the crops that has performed well in this region of the country and a significant amount of agricultural land under cultivation of this high yield crop.

Iranian Dried Barberry Varieties

Iranian Barberry Trees

As you can see in the picture above, you know that all the types of barberry on the market harvest from the same type of barberry tree.
But, Given that the drying methods are different, dried barberry is marketing in different types.

The most important varieties of dried barberry that accounted for the largest volume of transactions are two main types:

  • Anari or Pomegranate Seed
  • Pofaki or Puffy

Pomegranate seed (ANARI) is ready for markets almost a month after harvest season. But the process of POFAKI barberry production takes longer and this product is ready to sell about 3 to 4 months after harvest season.

Iranian red barberry price depends on many parameters, here you can check some of them:

  • Moisture Content
  • Bruised Percentage
  • Percentage of Foreign Materials and Wastes
  • Color
  • Type of Packaging

you can check most of these items based on the cargo’s appearance.
on the other hand, There are many parameters that you need to check in laboratory.

Iranian Red Barberry Price

Red Barberry Price

The price of barberry depends on many factors. First of all, Type and the variety of the barberry has the most impact on its price.
Generally speaking, pomegranate seed barberry is cheaper than puffy barberry.

Other factors that influence the price of barberry, are factors that affect product quality.
For example, a barberry with a high moisture content is definitely less expensive because the moisture content makes the weight of the load more than its standard value; This makes it very high weight at high tonnage.

Iranian Red Barberry wholesale price depends on Iran’s domestic market because:

Until 2019, More that %85 of Iranian barberry production has used in its domestic market.

Prices of Iranian barberry for bulk sale in 2019 was between 4 to 6 USD/Kg

When a product export markets are less than %50, It’s price depends on the domestic market conditions. for this reason, Most of suppliers and exporters determine their prices based on Iran’s market tendencies.

If you want to buy Iranian red barberry in bulk and in high quantity, we can offer you to make contact with Artin Nuts and Dried Fruits Company as a supplier and wholesaler of this product in Iran that is exporting Iranian Berberis Vulgaris to other countries.

Import Conditions of Barberry from Iran:

Barberry Import

For Import of barberry, it is first necessary to check where the destination country is and determine the characteristics of the barberry and its packaging according to the standards defined for that country.

What is remarkable is the residual toxin (and pesticides) test that is very important for some countries.
For countries such as Germany, Sweden, Ukraine and Italy this test must be carried out and the Health Certificate issued by the Food and Drug Administration is necessary as well.

In addition to these properties, the physico-chemical parameters must also comply with standards of Iran (Exporter Country).
Some of these parameters include moisture content, crushing and bruised rate, ash percentage, presence of foreign matter and tailed content.

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