Round Pistachio to Buy in Bulk from Iranian Exporter

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Round Pistachio to Buy

Round Pistachio to Buy in Bulk from Iranian Exporter

The Artin pistachios company is an exporter and a good choice if you want round pistachio to buy in bulk from Iranian suppliers with affordable prices.

The bulk sale of Fandoghi (Round-Shape) pistachios in Iran is often doing from Khorasan or Kerman.
From these production centers, round pistachios are using in large volumes for export to different countries.

The price of the round pistachio nuts to buy in Khorasan province is reasonable due to high production.

First-Class Iranian Round Pistachio Nuts

Iranian Round Pistachio Nuts

Iran is one of the largest producers of Round pistachios in the world. As a matter of fact, Iran is not only the main producer of the round-shape pistachios but also one of the main and biggest producers of all varieties of pistachios.

Most of the production of this type of pistachio takes place in the Khorasan province of Iran.
Fandoghi pistachio has many buyers in different export/import markets due to its reasonable price.

Round pistachio is in the category of Persian Fandoghi Pistachios.
Common sizes of Iranian round pistachio are 28-30 and 30-32, but large sizes such as 26-28 are also available in some orchards.
Round pistachio nuts are much cheaper to buy in bulk than Ahmad Aghaei and Akbari (Long) pistachios.

A large volume of pistachios producing in Khorasan province transfers to Kerman pistachio recording terminals during the harvest season.
Of course, most of it processes and peels in Khorasan terminals.

Khorasan Fandoghi pistachio competes with other provinces in terms of quality.

Artin Round Pistachio to Buy

Round Pistachio to Buy

The bulk sale of Persian Fandoghi pistachios in the Khorasan market is doing by different companies.
Some of these products are doing through pistachio recording terminals and others by pistachio production and processing factories.
In low volumes, wholesale markets and brokers offer this product in the country’s market.

Artin Pistachio Company is one of the companies active in the field of wholesale of Fandoghi (round) and Badami (long) pistachios.
These two types of pistachios are producing professionally in Khorasan Razavi province.

The Artin company is active in this province and its head office is in the holy city of Mashhad.
In this company, in addition to performing all production processes and product packaging, all customs affairs are also performed.

Among the production processes for the wholesale of round pistachios are the following:

  • Peeling and drying
  • Separate the open-mouth pistachios and close-mouth pistachios
  • Sorting pistachios by size and shape
  • Roasting the product
  • Packing according to order

All these steps are doing in the Artin collection in high volume on all pistachio varieties.
Also, The Artin pistachio company is a good choice if you want round pistachio nuts in bulk to buy for the purpose of import to your country.
You can also use the experience of the commercial team of this group for major exports/imports of pistachios.

Importing Pistachios from Iran to Your Country

Importing Pistachios

Due to the reasonable price of round-shape pistachio in the Iranian market, this product is sending to different countries.
The main destinations for these pistachio exports are as follows:

Russia | Kazakhstan | Uzbekistan | China | Hong Kong | Germany France

Of course, for export to some European countries, especially Germany, pistachio products must have special conditions.
In other words, having a certified aflatoxin certificate for pistachios is a necessity for exporting pistachios to Germany and EU countries.
But this certificate is not required for export to other countries.

Round types of pistachio nuts are often importing raw to the CIS countries, especially Russia and Kazakhstan.
Raw pistachios for import will usually be packaged in 50 kg bags for shipment.
But in some orders, customers register their request to buy Fandoghi pistachios salty.

Carton packaging is more common for importing roasted pistachios.
If customers need vacuum packages, it is possible to do it in the Artin factory.
By the way, it should be noted that the Artin company performs all the customs affairs for export in Iran and there are just transportation and clearance in the destination country that left to do.

For more information in this field, you can contact the business team of Artin Collection.

Prices of Iranian Fandoghi Pistachios

Iranian Fandoghi Pistachios

As mentioned, Fandoghi pistachios are often bought and sold in the market in the following sizes:

  1. Size 26/28
  2. Size 28/30
  3. The size 30/32
  4. Also, Size 32/34

In addition to the size of the pistachio, other quality parameters also affect the price of the product:

Percentage of close-mouth | Percetage of 2sided open | Raw or salty | Slightly-Open pistachios | Packaging

All these items are effective in determining the price of pistachios and all these items are checking during bulk sales.
In addition to the above, specifying the destination country is also effective in determining the price.
In addition to all this, the daily exchange rate of the dollar or euro to Rials is also very important when you buy pistachios from Iran.

Since most pistachios producing in Iran are using for export, the pricing of this product is often in dollars.
In this regard, in some periods of time, it is not possible to determine the price for several days.

Now, to receive the daily price of round pistachio to buy, you can contact the Artin sales unit.
But before calling, be sure to specify the following so that our colleagues can provide you with the necessary information in the shortest time:

  • Pistachio type
  • Product size
  • Being raw or salty
  • destination country
  • Purchase volume

Also, for more information, you can also visit the Persian website of the Artin collection.

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