Salted Pistachios for Armenia | Iranian Pistachio Exporter & Supplier

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Salted Pistachios for Armenia | Iranian Pistachio Exporter & Supplier

Salted Pistachios for Armenia | Iranian Pistachio Exporter & Supplier

Salted Pistachios for Armenia, Roasted Pistachio Nuts for import to Azerbaijan and Armenia. An Iranian Pistachio Exporter & Supplier.

Both raw and salty pistachios are in use for export from Iran to Armenia. In fact, there’s a good market in Armenia for Iranian Pistachio nuts and kernels. There are various exporters and suppliers that are sending roasted & salted Iranian pistachios for Armenia and Azerbaijan markets.

The ground delivery route of Iranian pistachios from Kerman or Khorasan Razavi is through the Jolfa border.
As you are aware, Iranian pistachios in the above two provinces have the highest area under cultivation and production.
Various cities in these provinces are active in the production, processing, sale, and export of pistachios, one of the largest producers of pistachios is Rafsanjan and its suburbs.

In this region, Ahmad Aghaei pistachios are available in raw or salted and roasted form.
The Artin company is a salted pistachios exporter to Armenia but in this article, we want to know more about this business.

Pistachio Varieties for Export/Import to Armenia

Pistachio Varieties for Export/Import to Armenia

Iran has a very high diversity in pistachio production; A large volume of these products are in use for export to different countries.
Iranian pistachios are for export to other countries both raw and salty varieties; Salted pistachios must comply with international standards and use authorized additives in their production.

The most important and well-known types in the market are long, Jumbo, and Round pistachios, of which 5 are mentioned below:

Ahmad Aghaei / Akbari / Kaleghouchi / Badami / Fandoghi

In determining the quality, various other parameters are important. The most important of them is the size of the product, and then the percentage of closed-mouth, slightly open, opened from two sides, and opened from the bottom should be of interest to buyers.

Among the types of pistachios, Ahmad Aghaei and Fandoghi pistachios have the largest volume of orders for export to Armenia; 50 kg bags are often in use to export/import raw pistachios. Salted pistachios are usually in 10 kg cartons especially for export from Iran to Armenia.

Obviously, when an exporter and supplier has experience in selling pistachio products to Armenia, it knows the suitable varieties well.

Roasted and Salted Pistachios Wholesale Center

Roasted and Salted Pistachios Wholesale Center

Various companies in the two main provinces producing pistachios are processing, roasting, and packaging their products; In these companies, most of the processes are according to the needs of the target market.

Because some standards or some things such as the amount of salt or other additives must be according to the wishes and tastes of the people of the destination country; For this reason, companies often prepare pistachios in raw form and start the process of roasting and roasting pistachios by registering customer orders.

In addition, the packaging of pistachios should be according to the place of supply in the market of the destination country; For Armenia, most of the pistachios are in 10 kg cartons. Which must have all the necessary standards.

Artin Pistachio Co. is one of the companies exporting pistachios to Armenia.
In this collection, different types of pistachios in different quality classes are available according to the needs of customers. First, they send samples and after the confirmation of the quality and appearance of the product, they send the main quantity of the product.

In this company, pistachios in different types of saffron, salt, lemon and etc., are ready to sell in international markets.

Prices of Pistachios for Armenia

Prices of Pistachios for Armenia

In order to export pistachios to Armenia, different costs must be under control; To do this, after determining the order volume, all of the following items must be calculated accurately.

1. At first, the type of pistachio
2. Being raw or salty
3. Type of packaging
4. The cost of customs formalities
5. The cost of the necessary certificates for export (health certificate, certificate of origin, etc.)
6. Insurance
7. Also, shipping cost to the destination city
8. And finally, transfer costs in the destination country

For the pistachio itself, the type of pistachio, its size, and other quality parameters (such as the ones in the previous sections) must be under control completely and accurately; With complete information, it is possible to figure out safe and profitable sales and exports.

For more information, you can contact the sales and trade department of Artin Pistachio Production company; Also, in order to get familiar with some of the activities of this company, it is recommended to watch the full-length video below.

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