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Buy Iranian Barberries

Sell and Buy Iranian Barberries | Artin Zereshk Supplier

The production center of all types of Zereshk for export in Iran is South Khorasan. It’s where you can buy Iranian barberries with lowest possible price.

The highest production level of this product is in the markets of Birjand and Qa’en.

Pomegranate seed barberry (Dane Anari Zereshk) and puffy barberry (Pofaki Zereshk) have higher exports to world markets.

In recent years, barberry consumption has flourished in the markets of different countries, And this is the main reason for the increase in the volume of barberry exports from Iran.

Different countries buy Iranian barberries, but the largest amount of barberry exports is related to the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Turkey
  • Russia
  • Canada
  • Ukraine
  • America
  • Spain

Other countries also buy Iranian barberries along with saffron, but usually the amount and volume of orders is less.

In the meantime, according to the diversity of consumption and also the taste of people in different countries, different types of barberry are using for export from Iran.

Iranian Barberries

Buy Iranian Barberries

As mentioned, South Khorasan province is the largest producer of barberry varieties.

We will compare the two main types, which have the highest production and sales in the global market, in terms of appearance features.

Puffy Barberries:

The production process of puffy barberries is much longer than other types of barberry.
For this reason, the final product is different in appearance from other types of Persian Zereshk.

The sign of puffy barberry is the puffy shape berries as well as the light color of the fruits.

In the production of Pofaki Zereshk, the possibility of crushing reduces, and this also causes a good view of the load.
For this reason, puffy barberry has a higher price than pomegranate barberry.

Pomegranate seed barberry:

The process of producing pomegranate seed barberry takes about one to two months.

Because barberry pomegranate seeds place in direct sunlight to produce dried barberry, the pigments are darker.

Of course, the issue of black seed with dark red seed should be distinguished from each other because black seed usually occurs on the tree due to the pest or rust of barberry on the tree.

Given that Pomegranate barberry harvested by means of shaking the tree, some fresh berries tear and rupture.

In barberry pomegranate seeds, the percentage of crushing is higher than puffy barberry.

The Center of Sell and Buy Iranian Barberries

Buy Iranian Barberries

The main center for buying and selling barberry in Iran is in the south of Khorasan, especially in the two cities of Birjand and Ghaen.
Apart from these two cities, there are other wholesale markets, the most important of which are Mashhad and Tehran markets.
But there are always many benefits to buying in bulk.

This will affect the quality, the cleaning process, the packaging and, most importantly, the price.

Of course, there are many processing workshops in South Khorasan province, but connecting with factories that are familiar with the category of exports and health certificates will make the job easier.

How to Export Barberry from Iran

Buy Iranian Barberries

Barberries export from Iran to different countries, some of which do not require a special certificate for clearance.

However, some countries, including Canada, require a product health certificate, which must obtain from the relevant organizations.
Of course, laboratory analyzes are usually taken for all export cargoes to reassure the exporter and buyer of the initial parameters.

Standard 3337 of the Iran’s Food and Drug Administration provides 14 parameters for barberry, which are:

  • Live Pest
  • The Smell & Color
  • Moisture
  • Foreign Materials
  • Pest
  • Seeded Barberry
  • Immaturity
  • Crush
  • Other cultivars (Other Barberry Varieties)
  • Total Ash
  • Insoluble Ash
  • Marking
  • Packaging
  • Net Weight

Usually, the result of this laboratory receives before sending the load to the customs, so that if there is a problem in any of these parameters, the necessary measures can be taken to change the load.

As one of the active manufacturers in the field of barberries production and export, Artin Barberry Production company will perform all the steps and customs export procedure for its customers completely free of charge.

For more information and also to receive the daily price of various types of barberry for export in Iran, you can contact our partners.

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