Sell/Buy Rafsanjan Pistachio Nuts and Kernels

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Rafsanjan Pistachio Nuts

Sell/Buy Rafsanjan Pistachio Nuts and Kernels

Rafsanjan pistachio sales are high in export markets. There are different varieties of Rafsanjan pistachio nuts and kernels in the market to buy/sell.

Exporting first-class pistachios from Rafsanjan to international markets has been a very good incoming currency for Kerman province.

In addition to pistachios, pistachio kernels and pistachio slices (or slivers) are also buying by different countries.

Iran Pistachios Production Centers

Iran Pistachios Production Centers

Kerman province has long been known as the largest pistachio production center in the world.
In this province, various types of pistachios in different qualities send to the market by farmers.

But over time, other countries, including the United States (especially California), have increased their pistachio production.
In recent years, American pistachios have surpassed Iranian pistachios in terms of exports, and Iran now ranks second in pistachio exports.

In terms of quality of pistachios and its types, there is a lot of discussion, but the amount of production and exports is increasing.
A closer look reveals that the soil of Kerman province is deficient in nutrients and on the other hand drought has had a great impact on this issue.
In this regard, many farmers and pistachio producers are going to other provinces, including Khorasan.

In these provinces, various types of pistachios produces and processes through pistachio grafts in Kerman province.

Most pistachio products in these provinces are the following types:

  1. Akbari Pistachio
  2. Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio
  3. Kalleghouchi Pistachio
  4. Fandoghi pistachio
  5. Badami Pistachio

Each of which produces in different parts of these provinces.
For example, the main pistachio production center of Ahmad Aghaei is in Nogh region of Rafsanjan. While Akbari pistachio mostly harvests in Anar city.

In recent years, the production center of Koleghoochi pistachio has become Sabzevar city in Khorasan Razavi province.

Anyway, Rafsanjan pistachio nuts are various in type and you can find almost all types and varieties in Rafsanjan orchards.

Rafsanjan Pistachio Nuts Sell/Buy Centers

Rafsanjan Pistachio Nuts

As you are aware, many rural areas in Kerman province producing pistachios. In fact, You can see pistachio orchards almost everywhere in Kerman province
Many of these farmers have low production volumes, but in these areas people are producing large volumes of pistachios.

In these areas, various pistachio recording terminals are peeling and processing pistachios during the harvest season.
Rafsanjan pistachio nuts recording terminals are factories that process fresh pistachios and produce dried pistachio nuts and kernels.

One of the pistachio sales centers are these terminals, which have many offers for buying and selling different types of pistachios.
Another center for buying and selling Rafsanjan pistachios in bulk is the active processing and packaging factories in this city.

These production centers buy their required products directly from farmers.
Of course, it should be borne in mind that in many cases pistachios can not be purchased directly from farmers.
Because pistachios harvested from the tree have high percentages of close-mouth and slightly open pistachio nuts.

That terminals and production units sort in accordance with the standard.

Rafsanjan Pistachio Nuts Daily Price

Rafsanjan Pistachio Nuts

The daily selling price of Rafsanjan pistachios not specifies in a specific reference.
Rather, the amount of supply and demand in the domestic and export markets as well as the daily exchange rate determine the price of pistachios.

Of course, at the beginning of 2020, special circumstances arose.
Although the price of the dollar (IRR to USD) was rising day by day, there was no demand for pistachios in the market due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.
On the other hand, at times the land, sea and air borders of many countries were closed and it was not possible to send the product.

Under these circumstances, the growth rate of pistachio and dollar prices was not the same as in the past.
As we approach the pistachio harvest season in 2020, we are witnessing an increase in the price of products.

So that the price of pistachio clusters on the tree has increased significantly compared to last year.
For this reason, the possibility of increasing the price of pistachios in comparison with 2019 in the domestic and export markets is predictable.

We have to wait until the end of the harvest season to determine the final status of the pistachio market in Rafsanjan and other cities.
(Please notice that this article have been written 10 days before 2020 pistachio harvest season)

Kerman Pistachio Nuts and Kernels Export to Europe

Kerman Pistachio Nuts

Kerman province is known as the largest exporter of pistachios. its products such as pistachio kernels, slices, slivers and pistachio butter are really well known in the market.

To export pistachios to Europe and other continents, you should pay attention to some points.
The most important issue in pistachio exports from Iran is to study the market needs of the destination country and the standards required by the customs and health department of that country.

In many European countries, including Germany, pistachios must have a health analysis or certificate for aflatoxin.
Although the country’s customs test the pistachios, the aflatoxin certificate of the product must obtain from a reputable authority in Iran before sending the shipment.

In Iran, this process performs only in the laboratory approved by Rafsanjan Medical Sciences and its certificate is valid for presentation in the customs of different European countries.

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