Selling Seedless Barberry Bulk Online

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Selling Seedless Barberry

Selling Seedless Barberry Bulk Online

Selling Seedless Barberry as an edible red Iranian barberry in the export and import markets is very profitable.
Iranian varieties of Anari Seedless barberry and Pofaki type exporting to world markets are in great demand. This encourages many Iranian suppliers to enter the field.
How to start importing bulk barberry varieties directly from Iran by ordering online?

The main production center of barberry is in eastern Iran. South Khorasan Province is the largest producer of Iranian berberis vulgaris. Khorasan is where anyone knows the ones who are selling seedless barberry.
Barberry shrubs are all of the Khorasan type barberry in Iran which is one of the few edible barberry species in scientific sources.

Iranian Seedless Barberry Varieties

Iranian Seedless Barberry

Fresh barberry ships to special halls for drying in the harvest season.
At this stage some barberries spread on the ground and others place in shelves in the large size halls.

Each of these methods produces a different type of dried barberry. These types are:

  1. Pomegranate seed (Anari) barberry:

    This type produces when the farmer spread berries on the ground in open air under sunlight. They expose to direct sunlight for 3 to 4 weeks.
    During this time, the barberry’s fruits replace by the workers every day to dry all the seeds.
    Given that this product is under the sunlight, its color is darker than other types of barberry.
    The selling price of Anari barberry is cheaper than other seedless barberries.

  2. Puffy (Pofaki) barberry:

    Barberries that are on the shelf under the roof of the hall, store in this place for 3 to 4 months. During this period, barberries are replaced by workers every few weeks. Until all the seeds are dry evenly.
    Since this product is away from sunlight, its color remains bright red.
    The price of pofaki barberry is more expensive than all types of barberry.

Selling Seedless Barberry

Selling Seedless Barberry

The varieties of barberries described above are briefly mentioned, each with its own production process at a specific time in the barberry market.

After the barberry harvesting season, Anari type is first marketed; then the Pofaki barberry will be ready for sale in domestic and export markets in February each year.

For bulk purchases, it would always be much better to get in touch with barberry activists based in South Khorasan.
This will remove one or more intermediaries and make the final product’s price more affordable to the consumer.

If you want to sell Iranian dried seedless barberry in shopping packages, there are some points to know.
The shelf life of barberry in bulk packages is longer than other small packages.

Many sellers in Iran offer dried barberry varieties throughout the year but domestic producers are inexperienced on export and its required standards.
Because exporting parameters of barberry for market placement in each country are different and there is a need to pay close attention to its wholesale purchase.

Artin Zereshk Sales Department proceed any online orders about Iranian Red and Seedless barberry. You just need to send us your inquiry through WhatsApp, Phone Call or even Email.

Classy Barberry (Persian Zereshk)

Classy Barberry

There are many features to identify the quality of seedless barberry for export and import. But some of these features are more important than others.

Before expressing features, however, it should be noted that there are two factors that influence the quality of exported barberry:

    • Destination country
    • Usage and Consumption

For example, the barberries using in Ukraine are quite different in terms of both the type and quality with the barberries using for export to Germany.

The most important parameters to determine the quality of Iranian barberry are:

  1. The amount of foreign materials
  2. Percentage of Other Barberry Species
  3. Percentage of bruised berries
  4. The amount of ash
  5. Moisture content
  6. Package type

For each of these cases, the Iranian standard 3337 that relates to the physico-chemical tests of barberry is an acceptable limit that should not be violated for export and import from Iran.

Of course, as mentioned above, it all depends on the destination country and the type of consumption. Some countries also import high-moisture pomegranate seed (Anari) berberis vulgaris from Iran.

Barberry is selling by many producers and suppliers in South Khorasan province of Iran.

There are a number of ways to reach out to these people, most easily through the internet (Ordering Online).

Artin Barberry Production Company is also one of the exporters of Iranian barberry.

In this factory, varieties of barberry are selling with the parameters approved by the destination country.

In many cases, residual pesticide testing is also requested for import by customers.

All customs procedures for high volume purchases in this company are free of charge.

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