Sliced Green Pistachios for Pastries and Ice Cream

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Sliced Green Pistachios

Sliced Green Pistachios for Pastries and Ice Cream

Sliced Green Pistachios are in use for pastries, confectioneries, and ice cream makers. In fact, the green Iranian pistachio is the best choice.

The are many companies exporting Iranian green pistachios abroad at a competitive price and this product is in small packages and in bulk.
But Where to supply and buy the best product at the cheapest price?

Slice is one of the main products of Iranian pistachio. In fact, Slices are one of the products of green pistachios and this green color is important for the buyers.
This product is in use in various markets along with pistachio kernels, powder, granules, and slivers.

Most of these products are for production and decorate a variety of sweets and snacks.
In addition to Iran, pistachio products are available in high volume in the markets of different countries.

Sliced Green Pistachio Production Center

Sliced Green Pistachio

To produce pistachio slices, the producer should peel the green pistachio kernels first.
To do this, you must use pistachios that have a completely green kernel.
On the other hand, the long shape and the amount of fat percentage of the kernel are also very important.

The point is that these peeled pistachio kernels are another product that has good markets in the following countries:
Germany, Spain, Italy, China, Russia, and Jordan are the main buyers of these kernels.
You can read more about Iranian Peeled Green Pistachio Kernels more on our website.

In general, the most important and main parameters that are of importance during the production of sliced green pistachios are the following:

  1. Green color
  2. Long shape
  3. No powdered and crushed slices and slivers along with the product
  4. Suitable moisture content
  5. Uniformity of shape, size, and color

In order to have a good pistachio slice, a suitable kernel must be used for this purpose.
As you are aware, Iran’s pistachio production center is limited to a few provinces of Iran.

In these provinces, the best pistachio kernels can be purchased from farmers to produce slices.
The main focus of pistachio slice producers is in the 3 cities of Qazvin, Kerman, and Mashhad.
In these cities, pistachio slices are available in high volumes for supply in export markets.

Packaging the sliced green pistachios is also very important to prevent the product from crushing.

Buying Sliced Green Pistachio for Import/Export

Sliced Green Pistachio

To buy sliced ​​green pistachios for export, the best option is the producers of this product in Iran.
In these cities, a large number of producers are active in the production and processing of pistachio slices.
These production units produce pistachio slices of different qualities. And also these different qualities and varieties of slices and slivers depend on the quality and variety of pistachio kernels at first.
In other words, different pistachio kernels are in use to produce slices.
In fact, it can be said that the desired pistachio slices can be produced exactly according to the needs of customers.

For example, in some markets, the slivers have not that long shape, but their greenness is very important.
In other words, by paying close attention to the needs of the target market, the producer can manufacture and produce the pistachio slivers and slices according to the requirements of the market.

One of the companies active in this field is the Artin pistachio production company.
If the market or destination country’s needs for export are clear, you can use the advice of our partners.
In this company, pistachio slices with different qualities are in use.

For export products, special hygienic parameters and standards are important. And it’s the seller to provide all these standards.
Pistachio slicing packaging is one of the most important items in buying and selling, especially in supply to export markets.

Since the slice of pistachio is fragile, it must have solid packaging. To minimize damage to the product during handling.
On the other hand, the slice cannot be in a vacuum package, because when the air leaves, the plastic will break the slices and slivers of the sidewall of the package.

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