Slivered Pistachios Bulk Purchase Price

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Slivered Pistachios Bulk Purchase

Slivered Pistachios Bulk Purchase Price

Slivered pistachios bulk purchase price depends on various parameters such as quality (green color, long shape, etc.), quantity, packaging, and etc.

The Artin pistachio company is one of the producers of green slivered pistachios in Iran.
The shopping center of this product with a competitive price is in Qazvin province.

Pistachio slices are one of the main products of Iranian green pistachios.
The production process of pistachio slices is longer than other products.

There is more sensitivity in the production of this product because pistachio kernels become very vulnerable.

Sliced and Slivered Pistachio Major Supply

Slivered Pistachio Major Supply

There are a certain number of producers that supply pistachio slivers and slices in large quantities.
These production units are usually operating in pistachio-producing provinces.

Many farmers in the Kerman, Khorasan, Yazd, and Ghazvin provinces of Iran are producing pistachios.
Now some pistachios are more suitable for producing pistachio kernels and pistachio slices.

In fact, pistachios that have a longer shape and have a greener core are the best option for slicing.
In this regard, pistachio kernels from different regions are in use to produce pistachio slices.
But if we want to choose the greenest and the longest pistachio kernel for slice production, we must look for this product in Qazvin province.
That’s why most of the slivered pistachios bulk purchase is in Qazvin or the product is from Qazvin.

Obviously, you can check this issue according to the prices. The price of Qazvin slivered pistachios in bulk is a bit higher than the purchase price of Kerman green pistachio slivers.

Artin is one of the companies active in the field of production, sale, and export of pistachio kernels and its products.
In this production unit, products with different qualities are available for bulk supply in various markets.

In fact, it tries to meet the needs of customers in different parts of the country and even other countries.

Slivered Pistachios Bulk Purchase

Slivered Pistachios Bulk Purchase

The price of pistachio slices depends on various parameters, some of which are available in the previous section.
The most important and main parameters determining the quality and price of slivered pistachios for bulk purchase are as follows.

  • Greenness
  • Long shape
  • Fat percentage
  • Percentage of crushed and powdered slivers and slices
  • Pest content
  • Moisture content
  • Taste and freshness
  • Packaging

All these items directly affect the price of pistachio slices.
Of course, apart from all quality issues, there are other indicators that are effective in determining the price of pistachios and products.

Indicators such as supply and demand in the market, the daily exchange rate of USD and Euros, the state of the international market have a direct impact on determining the price of pistachios and other products.

In the Artin company, in order for the quality and taste of the product to be at its best, the amount of product storage is as low as possible.
In fact, The Artin company produces its products according to the orders so that it is tasty and the percentage of crushed and powdered slivers and slices is at its lowest level.

For this reason, the prices are up to date, but the product is ready for the market in its best quality.
If you need to buy bulk Qazvin pistachio slices, you can contact the Artin sales unit.

Our partners will send you photos and prices of the products as soon as possible.

Artin Green Pistachios Wholesale

Artin Green Pistachios Wholesale

As mentioned in the previous sections, Artin is one of the active units in the field of pistachio products.
In this collection, pistachio kernels, especially granulated pistachio kernels, wild pistachio kernels, and pistachio slices are producing.

Pistachio kernels are often in 10 kg vacuum packages.
But since the vacuum causes damage to the slice, the packaging of this product is different.
Pistachio slices are usually in 5.5 kg cartons.

Each of the 4 small cartons is in a bigger carton, which in fact contains the final package of 22 kg of pure pistachio slices.
The Artin Wholesale Shopping Center does its best to deliver high-quality products to the consumer at a competitive price.

In the Iranian market, most manufacturers of sweets, baklava, Muscat, Sohan, Gaz, and some ice creams use this product.
Due to the increase in production costs for these production units, we intend to market the product at a low price.

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