Small Pistachio Kernels | Low Price Nuts

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Small Pistachio Kernels

Small Pistachio Kernels | Low Price Nuts

Small pistachio kernels have a low price in comparison with other types of kernels. Artin Co. is a supplier of Iranian nuts in the global market.

Tiny and small pistachio kernels are among the cheapest types in the Iranian market.
Granulated and crushed kernels are among these small and low price pistachio kernels in Iran.

Granulated pistachio kernel is producing and marketing in 3 sizes in the Artin production company.
Get the prices of different types of pistachio kernels easily by making direct contact with us.

Artin Small Pistachio Kernels

Small Pistachio Kernels

In the Artin company, which is known as one of the units producing pistachios, low price kernels are producing in several categories.

The most important types of small kernels producing in this collection at a reasonable price are:

  • Wheaty shape kernels
  • Granulated kernel size 2
  • Granulated kernels size 3
  • Halved and Granulated kernels size 4
  • Halved kernels size 5

These types of kernels are always and continuously producing and packaging in the Artin factory.

First of all, the broken kernels in the Artin collection getting clean by a laser sorting machine so that there is no skin or lesions in the product.
The products then divide into the size codings defined above by a sorting device.
In the next step, the pistachio kernels sort manually on the test strip.

Granulated small pistachio kernels have a variety of uses and are usually using in workshop jobs. (Bakery workshops)

The most sold small kernels are used by the following classes:

  1. Confectionery
  2. Ice cream
  3. Candy
  4. Lokum and Turkish delights
  5. Halva

This categorizing of tiny pistachio kernels by the Artin factory causes each person to buy pistachios according to their needs.

Sales and Exports of Small Pistachio Kernels

Small Pistachio Kernels

Direct sale of all kinds of small pistachio kernels and wheaty pistachios have been doing in Artin collection.
Pistachio kernels producing in this company are the product of orchards in Khorasan Razavi province.

Granulated kernels are needed by many businesses due to their low and affordable price.
Because if the pistachio kernel using in the product is expensive, the cost price of that product (ice cream, sweets, etc.) will also be very high.

On the other hand, the very sharp rise in prices at the beginning of the 2020 harvest season has encouraged many customers to buy this product.
In this regard, we decide to prepare different types of small pistachio kernels in different grades and market them.
These products are selling in 10 kg vacuum packages.

This type of packaging will increase the shelf life of pistachios and on the other hand, there will be no problem in transportation for the product.

Khorasan Low Price Pistachio Kernels

Low Price Pistachio Kernels

Small kernels, wheaty shapes, or powder are the cheapest products in the field of pistachios.

This pistachio kernel, as mentioned, has its own customers.
As you are aware, the daily price of pistachios and pistachio kernels are closely related to the daily price of the currency.

Since a large volume of Iranian pistachio products is using for export, the current price of the dollar and the euro has a great impact on the price of pistachios and pistachios in the Iranian market.

But in some periods when the price of the currency (Exchange rate of Usd to Rials) does not change much, the pistachio market and is also stable.
Therefore, it is not possible to announce prices on the website.

But in Artin collection, there are many ways to get the daily price of products:

  • Direct communication with the sales unit
  • Complete the relevant forms on the site
  • Communicate through social media with sales experts
  • Send email to the sales unit
  • Meeting at the company’s office

You can get the price of your desired product in the shortest time through the above ways.

Low Price Kernels for Import

ow Price Kernels

In addition to the wholesale of pistachio kernels in the domestic market in Iran, these products are also using for export.
Various countries, including Iraq and Pakistan, are the main buyers of Iranian pistachio kernels.

Low price Iranian pistachios are welcomed in the markets of these countries and are mostly used in cakes and sweets.

Granulated and small pistachio kernel produced by Artin Company has the ability to be supplied with almost constant quality throughout the year.
The vacuum packaging used by the company for these products is very suitable for export.
As you know, this type of packaging increases the shelf life of the product in the long run.

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