South Khorasan Barberry Fruits | Iranian Zereshk

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South Khorasan Barberry Fruits | Iranian Zereshk

South Khorasan Barberry Fruits | Iranian Zereshk

South Khorasan barberry fruits are red and seedless. Also, Iranian Zereshk is one of the main edible varieties of Berberis Vulgaris.

You can find both Puffy and Anari varieties of Iranian barberries in the South Khorasan province of Iran.
In fact, Khorasan is the main center and the source of more than %95 of the red-seedless edible barberry in the world.

South Khorasan Barberry has two general categories: edible barberry and ornamental or hawthorn barberry. Edible barberries in Iran have two categories for themselves: red barberry and black barberry.

Black barberry grows in the highlands without human intervention. But red barberry is a product of the orchards of the south Khorasan province in the easternmost regions of Iran and is available in different markets.

South Khorasan Puffy Barberry

South Khorasan Puffy Barberry

Barberry of South Khorasan has different types, the most famous items of which are Anari and Pofaki, and it is interesting to know that puffy barberry is the most popular among the items available in South Khorasan.

But the question is, why do customers choose Puffy barberry to buy?

Before knowing the answer to the above question, you need to know that these Anari and Pofaki (Puffy) varieties are the results of the drying method. In fact, barberry fruits are all from the same type of barberry tree but the drying procedure makes difference.
Also, it’s better to notice that these differences are more about the appearance of the product.

Due to the fact that the drying process of puffy barberry is longer than other varieties, as a result, it takes on a puffy state and has a very desirable appearance.

The main characteristics of puffy barberry are a light-red color, low moisture, and puffy state (no crushing and not bruised) of barberry fruits.
This is why puffy barberry is in greater demand everywhere in the world.

Of course, the purchase price of this product in the world is higher than other types of barberry in South Khorasan, but buyers are willing to pay more for better quality.

Other Varieties of Iranian Red Zereshk

Other Varieties of Iranian Red Zereshk

Another well-known and best-selling type of barberry in the Iranian market and some international markets is Iranian Anari Zereshk.
This type of barberry has a darker color than puffy barberry because it dries in direct sunlight, which causes the seeds to be darker.

On the other hand, the amount of juice and extract of this product is higher and the reason is very specialized, which does not fit in this space. In this regard, Anari barberry is also in use in different countries.

This type of barberry is cheaper than Pofaki (Puffy). This is why countries such as Russia and Turkey are the main buyers of this product.

Anari barberry is often in use as a raw material in many foods and snacks:

  • Soda and drinks (Various Beverages)
  • Cakes and sweets (Various Pastries)
  • Ice cream
  • Jams
  • Pastes
  • Lavashka (Fruit Rolls)

To buy and export barberry, the type of barberry should be according to the final use and consumption to have the highest efficiency.

South Khorasan Barberry Seller and Exporter

South Khorasan Barberry Seller and Exporter

Various companies and manufacturers are active in processing and selling various types of barberry. Most of these production units are in the South Khorasan Province of Iran.

These production units are working in the field of drying, processing, and sorting barberry fruits.
One of the companies active in the field of sales and also exporter of barberry from Khorasan is the Artin Barberry company.

In this company, Puffy and Anari south Khorasan barberry fruits are available in different qualities and are in international markets. The main focus of the company’s sales is on barberry exports from Iran. Part of its sales is to healthy and organic barberry, which has its own customers.

If you need to buy barberry in bulk, you can get the price of the products from the sales managers of this company. All our efforts are to provide you with high-quality and first-class products at a reasonable price.

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