Super Long MO Pistachios | Peste Akbari Ab Khandan

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Super Long MO Pistachios | Peste Akbari Ab Khandan

Super Long MO Pistachios | Peste Akbari Ab Khandan

Super Long MO pistachios are the best possible quality among the low-price pistachio nuts. Do you want to buy Peste Akbari Ab Khandan?

Akbari Ab Khandan pistachio along with Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is the best-selling long pistachio in the market of different countries.
Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Russia are the main buyers of low-price Iranian super long MO pistachios.

Mechanical Open (MO) pistachios are in fact the pistachios that were closed-mouth but producers opened them by using water and mechanical procedures.

Since many countries tend to buy and sell pistachios in bulk and at very competitive prices, we suggest you use super long MO pistachios. Also, there are other varieties of MO pistachios such as Ahmadaghaei (Long), Fandoghi (Round), and Kalleghouchi (Jumbo) pistachios.

In the following, we will become more familiar with these cases.

MO Pistachios Varieties

MO Pistachios VarietiesTo export/import low-price pistachios, one of the good options is to send MO pistachios to your customers.
But you should keep in mind that the quality of mechanical open pistachios is lower than natural open qualities.
This is why some buyers prefer to use a mixture of MO and NO pistachios.

MO pistachios can be ready for sale in different types, but their production process is different from each other.
The highest sales of MO pistachios are related to 2 types of “Peste Akbari Ab Khandan” and “Peste Ahmad Aghaei AB Khandan”, which are in the category of long pistachios.

Two types of Fandoghi and Kalleghouchi are also available in the market with MO quality, but there is an additional step in the production process of these products.
For this reason, it costs less to mechanically opening long shape pistachios than round shape pistachios.

In Artin production company, various types of MO pistachios are available for sale in bulk to any country.
Akbari and Ahmad Aghaei pistachios are the best-selling long and super long MO pistachios in this company, which are available in different markets.

The most important point in the production of mechanical open pistachios is the use of pistachios with a proper percentage of the kernel and also a good size (ounce).

Super Long MO Pistachios Wholesale

Super Long MO Pistachios WholesaleFor selling MO pistachio nuts, especially Akbari in high volumes, it should be of importance that MO pistachios with a high percentage of kernels should be in use for opening so that the appearance of MO pistachios is not much different from NO qualities.

Most of the buyers are willing to mix the “Peste Akbari Ab Khandan” with a certain percentage of NO Akbari pistachio. Obviously, it can improve the appearance of the cargo and product and make it easier to sell.

There are some special countries that are really willing to buy MO pistachios, which the Artin Pistachio company has been associated with for several years, include Iraq, Pakistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and India.
Anyway, India is an exception here. Because the MO pistachio is not that common in this country. But there are still buyers for MO pistachios in India.

Most MO pistachios are exporting from Iran to other countries in roasted and salted form.
Of course, due to the existence of roasting facilities in the destination country, some customers tend to buy raw pistachios in bulk packages.

If the pistachio is ready for roasting, it should not be too open during the mechanically opening process. The reason for this is to prevent the pistachio kernels from peeling and dropping out of the shell during roasting and roasting.

In the Artin production company, pistachios are usually roasted after ordering by customers. Because some countries like a certain type of roast and others want a higher or lower salt percentage.
For this reason, all the steps of roasting and packaging the product are after the final order of the customers.

Iranian Ab Khandan Pistachios Export/Import

Iranian Ab Khandan Pistachios Export/ImportWhen it comes to the best MO pistachios, there are quality issues.
After determining a specific type from different types of pistachios, the following parameters should be under consideration:

  • The percentage of kernels
  • Pistachio ounce (size)
  • The uniformity of size and shape
  • The appearance
  • Mechanically opening process and the quality
  • Raw or roasted process
  • packaging

All these together determine the quality and price of pistachios.
If you want to export/import low-price Iranian pistachios, you can contact the sales department of Artin Pistachio Company.

Our partners are ready to offer the best products at competitive prices to you.

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