Super-Quality Afghan Pistachio Kernels for Sale

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Super-Quality Afghan Pistachio Kernels for Sale

Where to find suppliers of super-quality Afghan pistachio kernels? These kernels are perfect for sale to food and chocolate factories.

Afghanistan pistachio kernel is one of the best and most in-demand products in this country. In fact, super-quality Afghan pistachio kernels are mostly in demand for export from Afghanistan.

Large quantities of Afghan pistachio kernels are in use for export to Turkey and Ukraine. By the way, some buyers know this product as mountainous pistachio kernels or “wild pistachio kernels” because they are available in some forests and mountains at the border of Iran and Afghanistan.

By the way, Uzbekistan has the same product but the production volume in Uzbekistan is really lower than in Afghanistan; There is a small part of these products in Iran and most of the forests are in Afghanistan. Therefore, most of the buyers and merchants know this product as “Afghanistan pistachio kernel”.

In the northeastern parts of Iran, wild pistachios grow in the Sarakhs region. But in order to harvest, they need a permit from the Natural Resources Organization and other departments.

But you can easily find Afghanistan pistachio kernels in Mashhad city of Iran if you know the wholesale market there; There are some importers that bring super-quality Afghan pistachio nuts to Iran and then crack them to produce its pistachio kernel.

Purchasing Super-Quality Afghan Pistachio Kernels

Afghan pistachio kernels are in use in large quantities to produce sweets in Iran and Turkey; According to the confectionery manufacturers, this product has a very good taste in addition to having a green color.

The use of Afghan pistachio kernels makes sweets with a very good taste and is enjoyable for the consumer to use. For example, most baklava producers in Iran and Turkey use green pistachio kernels.

There are several ways to buy this type of pistachio kernel. This product is mainly available in the markets of Iran and Afghanistan. Herat and Kabul in Afghanistan and Mashhad in Iran are the largest wholesale markets for super-quality wild pistachio kernels.

In Iran, various companies are active in the field of forest (wild) pistachio cracking and production of pistachio kernels and other products; In these collections, wild pistachio kernels are available in two general forms: Purple Skin and Milky Skin.

One of the companies producing and exporting all kinds of green pistachio kernels in Afghanistan is the Artin Pistachio Company.
In the video below, you can see a part of the process of manually sorting pistachio kernels in this company.

One of the direct ways to buy pistachio kernels is to easily communicate with the producers of this product. You can contact the sales department of the Artin Company to buy Herati wild green pistachio kernels.

There are various communication channels in the footer section for you.

Prices of Afghan Pistachio Kernels for Bulk Sale

Since Afghan pistachio is small, cracking requires special devices. On the other hand, after pistachio kernel cracking, there are many skins among the kernels.

Therefore, it is necessary to completely sort and clean these products with very high accuracy using the machine or manually. The production processes of this type of pistachio kernel are more time-consuming and difficult than other types. In addition, its price base is much higher than some types.

Afghan pistachio kernels are available in the market in two forms: Purple-Skin and Milky-Skin.
The Milky-Skin kernels have more green color and their price is higher than the Purple-Skin samples.
Other parameters are also effective in determining the price of this type of pistachio kernel.

The cleanliness and absence of waste as well as the type of packaging is effective in pricing Afghan pistachio kernels and one should be careful when buying and selling these products.

Wild Pistachio Kernels for Export/Import

The export focus of this type of pistachio kernel is to Turkey and Ukraine. Some of these products are also in use for export to Iraq and Azerbaijan. Most consumers of this type of pistachio kernel in these countries use super-quality Afghan pistachio kernels to produce various sweets.

Given that the exporters of the product might replace them several times in the export, having proper packaging is very important. In this regard, the Artin production company has the possibility to use vacuum packing in 5-layer cartons according to customer needs. In this way, the product will reach customers with the least damage and in packaging with much higher durability.

If you want to export/iumport different types of green pistachio kernels from Herat, Afghanistan, you can contact the sales department of the Artin Pistachio Kernel Company.

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