Supply Rafsanjan Classy Pistachio Kernels

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Rafsanjan Classy Pistachio Kernels

Supply Rafsanjan Classy Pistachio Kernels

The supply of Rafsanjan classy pistachio kernels in bulk is done first for domestic nuts markets and then primarily for export markets such as Europe, Lebanon, Qatar, Jordan and Australia.

Pistachio kernel cracked by hand is one of the most popular pistachio kernels because it has a very good appearance. In addition, it has a very low percentage of crushed, halved and broken pistachios.

Rafsanjan Classy Pistachio Kernels

Premium quality pistachio kernels mostly produces from a variety of Open-Mouth pistachios to make them look much better. Therefore, they have a very floral appearance because of the choice of purple pistachio varieties.
The most popular purple skin pistachio kernels in the market are called premium pistachio kernels.

How to buy Rafsanjan classy pistachio kernels:

Until a few years ago, the quality of Rafsanjan pistachio in Iran is said to be top quality. But the reality is changing, and its causes mostly known as following:

  • Reduce pistachio production in Kerman province due to lack of water resources
  • Decline in pistachio production due to recent climate change
  • Increasing production in cities across Iran
  • Supply of pistachio kernel from different regions with varied quality
  • Mixing loads of pistachios produced nationwide

In fact, when buying Rafsanjan first class pistachios, it is necessary to check the source of this product.
In many cases, fresh Khorasan pistachios come to Kerman province for processing and after processing they are known as Rafsanjan pistachios and kernels.

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Supply of Normal Quality Pistachio Kernels:

If the primary pistachio for kernel production is close-mouth pistachio, the output would be common type of pistachio kernel.
For a better quality and larger size of kernels we need close-mouth pistachios with higher percentage of kernel.
High kernel per 100 grams of pistachios is usually higher than 49 grams.

Normal Pistachio Kernels

Export of Pistachio Kernels:

In addition to using premium pistachio kernels and normal kernels in the domestic market, the export of this product is also significant.
One of the main markets for the export of premium kernels are the Arab countries.
Australia, Europe and Canada then have some good purchases of this product.
Lebanon is a good market at some times when it reduces the import duties of the kernel.

In the production and supply of premium pistachio kernels If you are able to produce a product licensed by the EU authorized aflatoxin, your export to European countries and Canada will benefit.

In export cases, most of the export sales are packaged in cartons of 10 to 12 kilograms.
Also, pistachio kernels are products that are subject to mandatory standards. In fact, this product requires a standard for export from the Food and Drug Administration.

Iran's pistachio kernel types are very diverse and will be of considerable benefit if you know enough about them.

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