Unaab Export to India | Iranian Jujube Fruit Wholesale

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Unaab Export to India

Unaab Export to India | Iranian Jujube Fruit Wholesale

Do you know Iranian jujube fruit? It calls Unaab in Persian. Artin dried fruits company is in the business of “Unaab export to India” for wholesale.

Exports of jujube from South Khorasan to India are booming.
Most of Iran’s jujube exports are small in size and using to produce jujube fruit powder.

Jujube mostly consume in India for pulverization and combination with food and other nuts.

Iranian Unaab Orchards and Producers

Iranian Unaab Orchards

The main production center and most of the area under cultivation of Iranian Unaab is in South Khorasan province.
In this province, many agricultural products produce that have an extraordinary sales volume in the world markets.

Barberry (Persian Zereshk), saffron and pistachio are products that produce in an acceptable volume along with Persian Unaab (Ziziphus Jujuba Fruit) in this region of the country.

The highest volume of jujube production in this region of the country allocate to Birjand city.
In the plains of this city, especially in the areas of Taghab and Siojan, jujube produces in different types and sizes.

The jujube harvest season in these cities starts in August and sells in bulk in the market.

Artin Company is a producer in southern Khorasan that do Unaab export to India for long time.
In this company, all matters related to sorting, classification, packaging and also export are done by experienced and young teams.

Export Quality Iranian Jujube Fruit Wholesale

Jujube Fruit Wholesale

The main sale of jujube in the Iranian market is doing directly in the south of Khorasan province.
Birjand and Ghaenat wholesale markets are the main centers for buying and selling large and small types of jujube.

For the wholesale of Persian Unaab, several parameters are often paid special attention, which are:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Strain
  • Taste
  • Freshness
  • No pest infestation
  • packing
  • Price

All these items are of great importance in the wholesale market of jujube fruit for supply in domestic or export markets.
The export of jujube determines according to the destination country and the type of consumption.

Some countries need jujube to pulverize or produce medicine, so they buy small medicinal jujube fruits.
But some other countries are buying high quality Unaab for sale in various stores as a nut or snack.

In this regard, both the destination country and its market should examine, as well as the type of jujube fruit consumption. So that the purchase and delivery of the product does not face any problems.

Iranian Unaab Export to India

Unaab Export to India

In the list of Iranian exports to India, you can see the name of Iranian jujube fruit (Persian Unaab or Anab) along with other nuts such as pistachios, almonds, barberry and saffron.

Exports of Iranian dried Unaab at cheap prices are booming in the markets of various Indian cities.
In India, the main consumption of jujube fruit along with the use of nuts is pulverizing it and combining it with Indian tamarinds. (Powdering the jujubes)

Since the taste and color of this product is very similar to Indian tamarind products, many tamarind production units buy jujube in bulk from Iran.
The main export route of jujube from Iran to India is through B.Abbas to the ports of Nhava sheva or Mumbai.

Through these ports, Iranian jujube goes to various cities in India by land or rail.
Due to the high population of this country, requesting and registering an order for Iranian dried fruits, especially jujube, is acceptable.

This encourage exporters of nuts to India to use this product with high medicinal properties in their trade.
The route of money transfer from India to Iran or through the banking system and the transfer of rupees to Rials is performing in recent years by IDBI Bank in India and Shahr and Eghtesad Novin Bank in Iran.

Another way is to transfer money through exchange offices and the final route is cash delivery in the UAE.

Obviously, Different companies each choose a specific route for this transfer according to their conditions.

Export Quality of Iranian Jujube for Indian Markets

Jujube for Indian Markets

Obviously, Jujube fruit (Unaab) exporting to India must have certain characteristics to approve by buyers.

  • Export quality jujube packaging must be in the form of 40 or 50 kg bags.
  • Unnab exporting to India determines by the type of consumption, but the jujube fruit that intends to pulverize it is small size.

In the Iranian market, this type of jujube calls medicinal jujube or powdering jujube.

Another thing that must observe when exporting jujube to India is the absence of pests and worms in the products.

Of course, there is a level of blight in medicinal jujube, especially in the warm seasons of the year. But usually before export, the exporter should do fumigation to avoid any living pests in the cargo.

To receive the daily price of various types of jujube exporting to India, especially small size medicinal jujube, you can contact the commercial unit of Artin Company.

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