Unab Distribution Company in Iran | Artin Dried Jujube

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Unab Distribution Company in Iran | Artin Dried Jujube

Unab distribution company address and mobile number are available here. Artin dried jujube company is a dried fruit producer in Iran.

Currently, many Internet websites are involved in the distribution of exported agricultural products, including the distribution of exported jujube.

With the advent of Internet websites in the field of trade, we can say that exports have a more colorful role in global trade.
Because in the past, there were always many problems and difficulties to communicate between buyers and sellers of different countries.
But today, websites and online stores have made the job of buying and selling, and communicating much easier. So that you can achieve your desired product with the best quality and price in a short and very limited time.

The point is that there are wholesale websites that help you in your business. You can find almost any Unab distribution company in any city or country. You just need to search for it.
But here on Artin company’s website, you are able to make direct contact with Artin UNAB company. Artin company has its own jujube orchards in Iran, producing various qualities of Iranian ANAB. Distribution is another service of this company.
And if you are not in Iran and want to import Iranian Unab in bulk, the Artin company delivers your product to your country.

But perhaps the question for buyers is where is the export jujube production center and which region is the best area for purchasing jujube?
What are the factors affecting the price and quality of jujube? Or why should you trust online wholesale websites when buying your products?

By the end of this article, you can find the answers to the above questions.

Iranian UNAB Production Center

The best area in the distribution of export-quality jujube to buy the product is the same production center.
Because in the area where the product is grown and cultivated, there is a competitive advantage between product producers.

Competitive advantage in terms of product quality and price, which is much more evident in the harvest season.
Because all farmers and producers have launched their products. And it makes sense that they want to attract buyers to their goods and products by using reasonable prices and good quality.

The production center of this product and high-quality fruit is in the east of Iran and areas that have a tropical climate.
As you can see, jujube is a tropical fruit.

That South Khorasan province has become the breeding center of this product in the country.
The city of Birjand, in South Khorasan, is currently the cradle of jujube production in Iran and the world.
Because almost all exported jujube is grown in this city.

High-Quality Unab in Distribution Markets

  • The degree of pest infestation
  • Size
  • Color
  • The rate of wrinkles

As you know, the healthier the jujube for export and without pests, the higher the quality and price.
And growing the crop organically is one of the most influential factors on the price.
In fact, this type of jujube is the most expensive. Of course, in comparison with other jujubes, because it has relatively more difficult storage and care conditions.

The darker color in jujube, larger size, and fewer wrinkles on jujube skin make jujube have better quality and consequently have a higher price.

Another factor affecting the price of jujube is its supply in the market and the destination country.
In this way, the higher the supply in the market, the more colorful the competitive advantage of the product and the lower its price.
The destination country as a separate factor does not affect the price of jujube. The only effect is that if the importing country is a price-oriented country, a quality jujube is issued to the country in question that is commensurate with the price requested or expected by the importing country.

Artin Unab Distribution Company

One of the important parameters in trusting websites and wholesalers is the amount of information in this field.
Certainly, the buyer trusts a wholesale website that has enough information about the target market to sell or enough information about the export.

In the same way, the merchants trust a website that knows where the desired products have the best price and quality and can connect the person to the main manufacturer without any intermediaries and have connections in this regard.

All these issues are not possible without experience in this work, so another important element in this field is experience.
Artin experts and consultants with their information and experience can work very efficiently in these issues.

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