UpToDate Zereshk Price | Artin Dried Barberries Major Supply

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UpToDate Zereshk Price | Artin Dried Barberries Major Supply

UpToDate Zereshk Price | Artin Dried Barberries Major Supply

You should search for the UpToDate Zereshk Price in Iran where they have a major supply. Artin Dried Barberries Co. is one of them.

How much is the price of Iranian Zereshk in its domestic market of Iran? How much is the price for barberries’ major supply?
Where is the production center of Iranian dried barberries? Are there any companies to get UpToDate Zereshk price anytime that we want to import?

You can follow us in this article to get the answers to these questions.

Although the South Khorasan province of Iran produces more than 90% of Iran’s barberry, these barberries have more sales in bulk and at reasonable prices in Mashhad and Tehran. But the market has fluctuations and it’s important to get the UpToDate Zereshk Price at least each week.

Barberry and saffron are very famous in Khorasan, but in fact, most of the processing centers are in this province.
The main markets that determine the price of barberry on a daily basis in bulk (for major supply) are generally in Tehran and Mashhad.

Main Varieties of Iranian Zereshk

Main Varieties of Iranian Zereshk

In the bulk purchase of barberry from suppliers and producers in Iran, the type of barberry is the main factor determining the wholesale price for major supply.

The main types of Iranian barberry are two types of ANARI and POFAKI barberries.
Obviously, there are other varieties that are not that common in the wholesale market for import/export.

Therefore, the two main types of Iranian ANARI and POFAKI Zereshk are the main varieties in the market for sale and purchase.
If you want to import Iranian dried barberries directly, you need to search for the UpToDate Zereshk price.

UpToDate Zereshk Price

UpToDate Zereshk Price

The UpToDate Zereshk Price, in addition to depending on the type of barberry, is also dependent on the following issues:

Special days:
During the days of Muharram and also when pilgrims return from Mecca, the price of barberry increases.

Season and time of buying barberry:
Over time and away from the production (harvest) season of each type of barberry, the price of it typically increases.

High volume purchases:
If the purchase volume is much higher than the usual amount of purchases, the supply price of the product is different.
The price of barberry depends on many things, all of which should be according to the time of purchase.

Keep in mind that there are various discounts and benefits for bulk purchases in the Artin company.
In the case of exports, including the services of Artin Company, the following can be mentioned:

  1. Product supply according to the standards of the destination country
  2. Bulk export packaging or store with high durability
  3. Carrying out customs affairs and receiving all export certificates
  4. Shipping to delivery of the product at the destination customs in CIF

Other characteristics that are effective in determining the price of barberry should be the percentage of product moisture, barberry color, pest content, ash percentage, cleanliness, and no waste of barberry and.

Export/Import of Organic and Non-Organic Barberries

Export/Import of Organic and Non-Organic Barberries

Iranian barberry was inherently organic, but with the growth of insects and pests in the region, the use of pesticides has become very popular.
This issue is most common in certain areas of South Khorasan province.

During research in these areas, the cultivation of wheat, barley, and jujube has caused pests in barberry orchards.
But there are still various rural areas that do not use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
Of course, the price of organic barberry is also higher than barberries that are not organic.

It is important to note that organic barberries may not usually look very good (in appearance).
In other words, the size and uniformity of the shape of organic barberry are less than that of non-organic barberry.
But customers who are looking for organic barberry do not care much about the appearance of barberry.

What is important is to analyze and confirm that the product is healthy.
Iranian organic barberry has more buyers in the market of European countries.
Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom are among the buyers of this Iranian product.

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