Where to Buy Dried Jujube

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Buy Dried Jujube

Where to Buy Dried Jujube

Where is jujube production center in Iran? Where to buy dried jujube fruit? Iran is one of ziziphus fruits producer with many suppliers and exporters.

About 1 month after the end of the harvest season of fresh jujube, Dried fruits are ready for the market.
Jujube has many facial features that can be important in making a purchase decision.

Iranian Jujube Fruit

Iranian Jujube

Iran is known as the center of production of jujube fruit in the world.
Jujube mainly produces in different areas of Birjand city such as Siujan, Taghab, Mahmouee and Bajd.

In addition to producing barberry and saffron, farmers in this country have long history in the mass production of jujube.
Of course, the Iranian jujube fruit is smaller in size than the Chinese and Russian jujube, so there are fewer buyers in the world market than the Chinese jujube.
But since the Iranian jujube has numerous medicinal benefits, there are good target markets both inside and outside Iran.

Medicinal Benefits of jujube

Dried Jujube Benefits

Iranian jujube has more medicinal uses than nuts. Since the healing benefits of this product are very high, therefore, the old physicians get a lot of attention to fresh and dried jujube fruit.
The most important medicinal-therapeutic properties of jujube are:

  • Useful in preventing leukemia
  • Treatment of neurological diseases
  • Constipation Treatment
  • Control of Increased blood sugar
  • Protects the liver and digestive system
  • Useful in the treatment of colds
  • Improve blood circulation

These many properties of jujube have made medicinal plants, jams, syrups and perfumes the main markets of Iranian dried jujube fruit.

Buy Dried Jujube

Buy Dried Jujube

As stated, the jujube production center in Iran is South Khorasan province. So the best way to buy jujube in bulk is to contact jujube suppliers and exporters in this area.

Different manufacturers put jujube in different categories But the most important parameter for this jujube product is size.
Then the color as well as the juiciness or wrinkle of the jujube are very important in determining the quality and price.

Artin jujube production factory separates jujube based on nuts and medicines first.
Medicinal jujube is often small size and high in wrinkles, also call as jujube for powder.
The most prominent feature of the jujube is the large, red, jujube nuts that are often visible in the grocery store.

Buy Dried Jujube Online

Buy Dried Jujube

Like most other foodstuffs, jujube is no stranger to online shopping. And given the high percentage of wholesalers and suppliers using the internet and social networks, You see many purchases are doing this way.

Artin Jujube factory is trying to provide its customers with the best products at fair prices since 2013.
You can contact our sales experts for a price list as well as shipping and order conditions.

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