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Buy Iranian Zereshk

Where to Buy Iranian Zereshk | Red Barberry Producer

Where to buy Iranian Zereshk? How to find an Iranian red barberry producer? Red Berberis Vulgaris is widely produced in eastern Iran.

You might see Iranian barberries in the market with different qualities and varieties. Obviously, you know that if you want to buy Iranian barberries in large quantities, you need to search for its producer and suppliers in Iran.
The price of this product depends on various parameters.

In this article, we try to provide you with enough information to buy barberry in bulk.
In fact, this information might help you to buy or import Iranian Zereshk with the best quality and lowest possible price.

Buy Iranian Zereshk from the Production Center

Buy Iranian Zereshk from the Production Center

The most important producer of red and edible barberry is the South Khorasan province of Iran.
This product has been used for medicinal purposes for a long time and more than 200 years ago.
This plant is detoxifying and cures several diseases.

There are different types of barberry, some of which we will mention below.
Dried barberry is usually using in the form of Puffy-Shape and Pomegranate-Seeds-Shape.

The differences between these two barberries are as follows.

  • Puffy-shaped (POFAKI) barberry gets dry in the halls or barberry drying warehouses while Pomegranate-Seeds-Shaped (ANARI) barberry gets dry in the sun.
  • Farmers turn Anari barberry upside down and this makes the bruised barberries rate higher than Pofaki barberry.
  • Puffy barberry has a lighter color than Anari barberry, which makes puffy barberry more customer-friendly.
  • The drying time of POFAKI barberry is much longer than ANARI barberry so that the drying of POFAKI variety takes more than 3 months.

Now that we have a more precise view of the differences between these two barberries, we must point out a few important points before any decision to buy Iranian Zereshk.

Both Anari and Pofaki barberry have the same tree and the same nature; the difference is only in the method of drying.
Some barberries that are of a lower quality are also known as fruit-roll barberries. It means barberries that are using to produce barberry fruit rolls.
In the next sections, we will explain and review the price of barberry and how to buy Iranian Zereshk in bulk.

High-Quality Iranian Zeresh Bulk Purchase

High-Quality Iranian Zeresh Bulk Purchase

Bulk purchase of barberry is one of the most important issues during the production to consumption process.
Here are some important points:

You can find barberries in bulk (in cartons) in Iran easily. and the main wholesale markets of this product in Iran are 3 areas and cities.
The three main barberry markets are the following markets.

  1. Birjand Market
  2. Mashhad Bazaar
  3. Tehran Bazaar

In the Tehran market, barberry is usually more expensive than the other two markets.
The strength of this market is that it is a little cheaper to send to the western cities of the country.
Of course, this is true of low-volume loads.

The Mashhad market is also one of the important markets in Iran, which we will not explain here.

Birjand Barberry Market can be called the best market for buying barberry in bulk.
This market is in South Khorasan province, which is the largest producer of barberry.
In this market, the prices of barberry varieties are lower than in other markets.
This market is suitable even for large and high-volume purchases.
Because the cost of the product and shipping costs are lower.

Obviously, If you are searching to fin Iranian barberry producers, exporters, or suppliers, the south of Khorasan is where you can find what you want.

The Artin company is one of these producers and exporters that you can make contact.
In the next section, we will talk about the prices of barberry to get more acquainted with this valuable product.

Wholesale Price of Artin Barberry

Wholesale Price of Artin Barberry

As we mentioned in the previous sections, the best market for buying barberry in bulk is Birjand.
The Artin Barberry company is one of the groups that sells and exports barberry.
This company offers different barberries with different qualities.

As mentioned in the previous sections, POFAKI barberry is more customer-friendly due to its light color and low grain breakage.
You can make direct contact with Artin company to receive the daily prices of their products.

You can contact Artin Barberry Sales Consultants to buy your barberries easier and better.

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