Where to find Iranian Anari Zereshk Producer?

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Iranian Anari Zereshk

Where to find Iranian Anari Zereshk Producer?

Iranian Anari Zereshk is known in some markets. Here you can find out where to find an Iranian Anari Zereshk producer and exporter.

The best Iranian Anari Zereshk has characteristics such as high grade.
What parameters should be examined to determine the quality of Iranian barberries?
In this article, we will examine this issue in detail. And you will know more about Iranian barberry fruits production centers.

In addition, we will introduce some manufacturers of this product in Iran.
So join us.

First Grade Iranian Anari Zereshk

First Grade Iranian Anari Zereshk

Anari Iranian barberry is a product that is ready to the market after almost 2 months of the harvest season.
To produce barberry in the form of Anari variety, the producer should place barberry fruits under direct sunlight.
In other words, barberry fruits should be removed from the branch after harvesting from the tree.
Farmers commonly do this by hitting the tree.

Iranian Anari Zereshk has a higher juice and density because it does not dry on the branch.
In other words, ANARI Zereshk juice is more than puffy barberry.

This feature is the reason for the use of Iranian Anari Zereshk as a raw material for many products.
This variety of Edible Berberis Vulgaris is in use in the production of beverages, sweets (Lokum and baklava), ice-cream and etc. due to having more juice.

On the other hand, ANARI Zereshk has a cheaper price due to its darker color in comparison with high-quality Puffy-shape barberries.
ANARI barberries are one of the best-selling products in the domestic and export markets.

Different countries are looking to buy high-quality Iranian Anari Zereshk.

High-Quality Iranian Zereshk Producer

High-Quality Iranian Zereshk Producer

There are many producers in the field of barberry in the South Khorasan province of Iran.
Of course, a high percentage of these production units traditionally process barberry and sell it in the market.
In traditional methods, especially with old machinery, various damages happen to barberries.

But some barberry production units are now using new devices in this field.
With this method, production efficiency increases and the product is ready for the market with the least damage and with the best quality.

In Khorasan, various companies are working in this field.
One of the active units in this field is the Artin production company.
In this collection, various types of barberries are available in different qualities.

Iranian Anari and Pofaki Zereshk have the highest demand in domestic and export markets.
In this company, There are 7 different production lines in different qualities of barberry.
In this collection, barberry varieties are available during the year.

Follow us to receive the daily price of these products.
There are several ways to get the price for you.

The Artin Barberries Wholesale Center

The Artin Barberries Wholesale Center


The best Iranian Anari Berberis Vulgaris fruit with its parameters was introduced in the previous sections.
To have the best Iranian barberries, these features should be under consideration when buying, especially in high volumes.

One of the companies active in the field of wholesale of this product is the Artin Barberry Company.
You can read about its processes and services in previous sections.

In this center, barberry is available to sell in different qualities and in different packages.
In other words, the products are in cartons according to the needs and desires of customers.

This method of selling the product makes it easier for the wholesale markets of other countries to have the product with suitable packaging.
In addition, the Artin packaging is based on customs standards to make the clearance procedure easier in the destination customs.

Regarding barberry, the export of barberry is according to the principles of hygiene and product quality in accordance with the standard 3337 of the Food and Drug Administration of Iran.

If you need to buy barberry for export, be sure to contact the sales unit.
There are various communication channels on the website to communicate with this unit.
In the sales and consulting section (Contact-Us page), there is complete information of sales managers.

For more convenience, you can fill out the forms on the website so that the support unit can contact you.

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