Wild Pistachios’ Price | Mountainous Pistachio Varieties

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Wild Pistachios’ Price | Mountainous Pistachio Varieties

Wild pistachios’ price depends on the amount of harvest. Wild pistachio is one of the mountainous pistachio varieties available in Iran.

Not only Iran but also Afghanistan has high quantities of wild pistachios. in recent years, most Afghan merchants export wild pistachio kernels to India.

There is different wild pistachios’ price in the market. It depends on the quality of the product. Forest/Mountainous pistachio kernel is one of the most special products of Iran and has been able to appear as a phenomenon in its target markets.
This type of pistachio kernel has very good appearance features such as special greenness. In fact, this green color is why it is in use as a raw material for many foods along with its wonderful taste.

In the production of sweets, cakes, ice cream, and many other food products, wild green pistachio kernels are in use both in the domestic market and in international markets.
But the point is that there are a few markets that know this type of pistachios well.

Wild Pistachios Harvest Center

Forest pistachio is one of the types of pistachios available in northeast Iran. Khorasan is its main market for its wholesale.
This pistachio has its own characteristics and has a green kernel. This green color makes wild pistachios’ prices a bit higher than normal kernels. In fact, it’s in the category of green kernels.

This green color is the main reason for its use in the production of pastries, chocolates, ice cream, and etc.
The green color of the mountainous pistachio will give a lot of freshness and beauty to these products.

Now the question is in which areas this type of pistachio is available?
Areas such as the forests of northeastern Iran and the city of Sarakhs are suitable habitats for growing pistachios.
Of course, this product is also available in some forests of Afghanistan.

In this regard, several workshops and factories are working in the field of processing this type of pistachio.
In these workshops, pistachio processing and production of forest pistachio kernels are generally done.

By the way, In the next section, we have more details about these workshops.

Wild Pistachio Kernels for Export/Import

In the previous section, we saw that the main center for purchasing export-quality forest pistachios is in Khorasan Razavi province.
On the other hand, we know that according to the workshops of this province, the production of wild pistachio kernels is also increasing.

So in general, if we want to buy pistachio nuts or kernels, the best place is Khorasan Razavi province.
But recently we see significant growth in social media and online wholesales of products.

The Artin Company is one of the collections that sell wild pistachio kernels online in bulk.
Due to its structure and numerous relationships with the sellers of these products, this company has provided three main advantages for merchants.

  1. At first, reduction in the price of products
  2. Secondly, increase in product quality due to multiple relationships
  3. Thirdly, more profit for merchants due to costs’ reduction

In fact, you can easily buy your pistachio from the production center with one call.
For advice and more information, you can contact our consultants in the Artin Pistachio Company. Artin Business Consultants will answer your calls every day.

Wild Pistachios’ Price for Wholesale

In the previous sections, we got acquainted with the wild pistachio kernel.
Due to its green color, this pistachio kernel is really of interest to many traders in far and near countries. In this regard, the export volume of this product is high.
This causes the price of wild pistachio kernel to fluctuate a lot.
By the way, the supply quantity of this product has certain limits. Therefore you should manage your purchases and markets.

For this reason, it is necessary to have current and up-to-date prices.

Of course, according to different parameters, the price of these jujubes will vary.
These parameters include the following:

  • The color and appearance of the product
  • Size
  • The desired health certificates

Of course, if you want to export wild pistachio kernels, you must pay special attention to your target market.
Depending on the target market and the type of packaging available in this market, the cost price of products may change.

Artin collection is also one of the collections that sell and export-quality pistachio kernels.
For advice, purchase, or export, you can contact Artin Business Consultants with a simple call.

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