Zereshk Distribution Company | Iranian Barberry Wholesale

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Zereshk Distribution Company | Iranian Barberry Wholesale

Zereshk Distribution Company | Iranian Barberry Wholesale

Are you searching for a Zereshk distribution company in your country? How much is Iranian barberry wholesale prices? How to import barberry?

Obviously, it’s better to know more about Iranian barberries production centers to find a Zereshk distribution company.
There are various producers who are exporters as well. Therefore, if you find such suppliers, you can enter the market at more affordable prices.

Please notice that here on the Artin Website, we help you to find affordable prices for good qualities to start or enhance your business in wholesale markets.

The export/import quantities of Iranian barberries are increasing day by day and it will lead to a perfect business if you start it with knowledge.

The Artin barberry company is a Zereshk distribution company in Iran that is a producer as well. In addition, this company is exporting Iranian barberries (organic and non-organic) to other countries in large quantities. In fact, the Artin company is a supplier for many wholesale markets in other countries.

High-Quality Puffy Zereshk

High-Quality Puffy Zereshk

Puffy barberry is one of the best products in the South Khorasan province of Iran. This type of barberry has a light color and is welcomed by chain stores and many people.

Puffy barberries are not squeezed and have a puffy shape as their name. In fact, this puffiness in appearance is a characteristic to distinguish this variety of barberry from others.

To produce puffy barberry, it is necessary to place the barberry branches in the indoor hall for 4 to 5 months after the harvest season. Of course, barberry fruits are still on these branches and the producer cuts these branches from the tree while barberry fruits are still on them.
Iranian Puffy Zereshk is almost ready for distribution after 4 to 5 months and its main distribution is from March every year.

Being away from direct sunlight is one of the important parameters in the production and processing of puffy barberry.

Anari Zereshk Distribution

Anari Zereshk Distribution

Anari barberry is one of the best-selling types of barberry; The low price of this type of barberry causes its sales volume to be high, especially in some special countries such as Iraq, Russia, and Turkey.

Anari barberry has a very good juice and is also in use to produce a variety of pickles, juices, dishes, and fruit rolls.
One of the other products of Anari barberry is barberry paste.

In Iran, Anari barberry is in use in restaurants to cook a variety of foods, especially Persian “Zereshk Polo” with chicken; Another application of Iranian Anari Zereshk is to produce a variety of sweets, including Lokum.

So, After all, you need to know your required variety of barberry to purchase from any Zereshk Distribution Company.

Artin Zereshk Distribution Company

Artin Zereshk Distribution Company

One of the companies that distribute barberry in the South Khorasan province of Iran is Artin Barberry Company.

In this company, various types of Khorasan barberries are available to distribute and sell throughout the country and ready for export shipments.

The following are some of the main types of barberry that are well known in the market:

  • At first, there are two main varieties of seedless, edible, and red Berberis Vulgaris:
    1. Puffy Barberry
    2. Anari Barberry
  • And the second main category is Black barberry (has seed and it’s edible)

Of course, red barberries are more available in different markets. Therefore, red barberries are more common as well.

Quality Parameters of Barberries

Quality Parameters of Barberries

The characteristics that should be under consideration and important when buying barberry are as below.

The main and most important features are the color of barberry, which the brighter red color has a higher quality.
The size of barberry is the next criterion that should be carefully compared to the types of barberry to buy. Barberries that are irrigated with spring water are usually smaller but lighter in color, unlike barberries that are irrigated with deep well water.

Some other important parameters in determining the quality of barberry are:

  • Moisture content
  • Amount of foreign matter (leaves, gravel, etc.)
  • Package type

All of these must be carefully considered to buy the best product at a reasonable price.

Artin Zereshk Distribution Company Communication Channels

To buy barberry from Artin Company directly, various communication channels are available.

All this information is on the Contact-Us page of the website for you in a complete and separate way. But if you are on the website with your mobile phone, you can start your connection by phone or message in WhatsApp right now by clicking on the images below.

Our sales experts are ready to provide you with complete and accurate information.

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