Zereshk for Dubai – Best Iranian Barberries

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Zereshk for Dubai

Zereshk for Dubai – Best Iranian Barberries

Artin company exports Zereshk to the Dubai market both in bulk and in small packages. Pofaki is the best variety of Iranian barberry.

The best Iranian barberry commonly is Puffy shape barberries. this type besides other types of barberry in the Dubai market has a high sales volume.

Pomegranate seed barberry and puffy barberry account for the largest volume of Iranian barberry exports.

Get the daily price of various types of export-quality barberry from the Artin barberry company right now.

Best Iranian Zereshk Varieties

Iranian Zereshk Varieties

Iran is one of the largest producers of red-edible barberries.
Iranian red barberries are kernel-free and have many medicinal properties.
In Iran, the highest area under cultivation of red barberry is in South Khorasan province.

Ghaenat and Birjand cities, which are known in the field of saffron production, are also the largest centers of barberry production.

The best puffy barberry in Iran with a very light color can be obtained from the colder regions of this province.
Of course, pomegranate seed barberry also goes to the market with the highest qualities in these areas and use for export markets.

To determine the quality of Persian Zereshk and check the quality, we must measure the following parameters:

  • Load uniformity of color
  • Existence of foreign materials beyond the defined standard (tail, branches, leaves, etc.)
  • Immaturity percentage
  • Percentage of product’s moisture
  • The appearance
  • The size of Zereshk fruits
  • also Suitable packaging

All these factors are effective in determining the quality and, consequently, determining the price.
If you want to buy Persian Zereshk for the Dubai market, you need to consider the above factors.

Iranian Zereshk Direct Wholesale

Iranian Zereshk Wholesale

To buy the best POFAKI Zereshk in Iran for export to the UAE or other countries, the best way is to buy the product from its production area.

But given that in the field of barberry, it is not possible to buy the product from the orchards, the best options are the active production units in these cities.

Many production units, workshops, and also factories in barberry producing cities are processing this product.
The production center of barberry is in the south of Khorasan province.
Iranian Zereshk in the 2020s has a high volume of exports in this province along with saffron and has a very good currency for the region and farmers.

This high volume of exports causes farmers to be more careful in producing and processing their products. This is to provide high-quality products to penetrate the markets of different countries around the world.

Best Iranian Pofaki Zereshk for Dubai

Iranian Zereshk for Dubai

As mentioned, the best POFAKI Zereshk in Iran is producing in Birjand and Ghaenat counties.
The price of this product should be determined according to the quality parameters mentioned in the previous sections.

Barberry harvest season begins in October and continues until late November in different cities of South Khorasan province.
But the process of drying and processing puffy barberry takes about 3 to 5 months.

To produce puffy barberry (POFAKI Zereshk), during the harvest season, the barberry separate from the tree by a branch and transfer to processing halls.

In about 90 to 100 days, these products lose their moisture and dry out.
After that, the steps of scratching, leafing, brewing, and separating other wastes from the load will begin.

The most obvious feature of the best puffy barberry in Iran is its light color, low moisture content and puffiness.

The price of puffy barberry is higher than other types of barberry.
Pomegranate barberry is cheaper than puffy barberry.

However, barberry must export according to the needs of the target country’s market and purchase.

Artin Services for Importing Barberries

Importing Barberries

Artin production company is known as one of the largest production units of barberry in South Khorasan province.
In this collection, barberry varieties with different qualities are prepared and sent to the market for supply in international markets.

The main markets of Iranian barberry are:

  • Germany
  • France
  • Canada
  • Emirates
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Australia
  • India
  • also Turkey

Each of these markets has a specific type and quality of barberry.
In the Artin Zereshk company, in addition to performing all stages of production up to product packaging, all customs affairs and obtaining export certificates are also performing.

Artin Trading Team, based in the holy city of Mashhad, performs all customs formalities related to barberry cargo in the shortest possible time.

The cost of performing customs formalities and obtaining the relevant certificates for the customers of this company is completely free.

For more information in this field and also to know the current price of the products, you can contact the Artin Barberry sales unit directly.
Our colleagues in this section are ready to provide advice on the product and its export to your dear ones.

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