Zereshk for Kuwait | Red Barberry Fruits

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Zereshk for Kuwait | Red Barberry Fruits

Zereshk for Kuwait | Red Barberry Fruits

There’s a new and good profit for the business of importing Iranian Zereshk for Kuwait and Qatar markets. What are these red barberry fruits?

The export/import of red barberry fruits to the Kuwaiti market is most welcomed.
Bright color and uniformity are the most important features for the Kuwaiti merchants. So, if you are willing to purchase Iranian Zereshk for Kuwait, it’s better to look for Puffy barberry (Iranian Zereshk Pofaki).

Kuwait Bazaar is one of the markets that in recent years has had many trade relations with Iran in the field of barberry and saffron.
Both of these products are the agricultural products of the South Khorasan province of Iran.

Depending on the shipping conditions, buyers usually want to place an order between 500 kg and 1 ton.
But some customers buy their desired barberry in bulk and in high tonnage. This requires cold storage in Kuwait.
Because barberry should not be in an extremely hot place for a long time.

How to Know Puffy Barberry?

How to Know Puffy Barberry?

As you may know, all types of red barberry are the products of one type of tree.
In fact, there are various drying methods that cause Iranian Zereshk to be available in different varieties.
One of the best-selling types in the barberry market is puffy barberry, which we will provide a brief explanation on how to know it.

At the time of harvesting barberry from the tree in September, the producers cut the tree branches that are full of barberry fruits (They don’t separate these fruits from the tree)
They transfer these branches in special baskets from the orchards to the barberry warehouses.
These warehouses are halls called barberry court.

In these warehouses, producers prepare woods and metal shelves to place barberry branches on them.
In some barberry warehouses, ropes are hung from the ceiling, and barberry handles are hung on rings.
After that, barberry needs about 4 to 5 months to lose its moisture and reach the normal level (16% or less).
These dried barberries are Puffy barberries.

The most prominent features of Iranian Zereshk Pofaki are as follows:

  1. The fruits are completely puffy in shape
  2. Natural color (no black or yellow)
  3. Low crushing percentage
  4. Normal and standard moisture

The first two cases help us more than other cases in distinguishing puffy barberry from other types.
Other types of barberry lose their natural color and become slightly darker due to drying in direct sunlight.

Barberry Storage and Transportation from Iran

Barberry Storage and Transportation from Iran

In South Khorasan province, after harvesting barberry, the weather is cold and we usually have autumn and winter ahead.
For this reason, barberry is usually in storage until March, but in no case should it be under direct sunlight.

The best temperature for storing barberry for a long time is +4 degrees to +10 degrees.
Usually, after Nowruz (March), production units transfer their products to cold storage but above zero degrees.
The same should be considered in transportation.

In the cold seasons of the year, you can transport and export/import barberry in ordinary containers or trucks.
But in times when the weather is hot or the shipping route is long, exporters often use reefer containers.
In these reefer containers, the temperature should not be negative for the barberry to freeze.

Price of Zereshk for Kuwait

Price of Zereshk for Kuwait

Obviously, the price of barberry for export/import is more competitive in its production center.
Because in this market, only puffy barberry is acceptable and on the other hand, this type of barberry is more expensive than other types.
In this regard, having a competitive and reasonable price is one of the important priorities.

Packaging is also very important in exporting red barberry to Kuwait.
For this reason, durable cartons with a barberry image should be in use.
Cartons with interesting designs are more popular in the country’s market than white and not-branded cartons.

On the other hand, the production and expiration dates must be written on the cartons.
To receive the price of puffy barberry, you can contact our colleagues in the Artin barberry sales department.

By the way, you can see the Artinnuts company catalog in the followings:

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