Zereshk for Oman | Iranian Red Puffy Barberry

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Zereshk for Oman | Iranian Red Puffy Barberry

Zereshk for Oman | Iranian Red Puffy Barberry

Do you want to import Iranian Zereshk for Oman and Kuwait market? red puffy barberry is a new and profitable dried fruit to sell in bulk.

For exporting/importing Zereshk to Oman, the best option is light red and large size puffy barberry.
In the Oman market, only first-class dried red barberry of Iran is welcomed.
Iran is well known as the largest producer of barberry in world markets.

Dried barberry is available in different types in the South Khorasan province in eastern Iran.
Each of these types is in use for different markets and different applications.

Best Iranian Zereshk for Import to Oman

Best Iranian Zereshk for Import to OmanIran as the main exporter of barberry in the region has a variety of this product.
The most important and best-selling types of Iranian barberry for export are:

  • Iranian ANARI Zereshk
  • Iranian POFAKI Zereshk

The harvest of both varieties is from the same tree, in fact, this difference refers to the drying method.
Drying methods are such that barberries are available in different appearances.

In terms of color, POFAKI Zereshk has a brighter and lighter red color in comparison with ANARI Zereshk.
On the other hand, the percentage of sap and extract of the Anari variety is higher than puffy barberry because it has not dried on the branch.

Due to these differences, various uses are considered for barberry.
For example, ANARI barberry is in use to produce a variety of beverages, ice cream, chocolate and etc.
But puffy-shaped barberry is mostly common for sale in hypermarkets as well as restaurants. In fact, this is the market for sell of Iranian Zereshk to Oman.

Artin Puffy Barberry Wholesale

Artin Puffy Barberry WholesaleThe main center of production and orchards of Iranian red barberry is in the South Khorasan province.
In these areas, the highest area under cultivation of agricultural lands is for 3 crops of barberry, saffron, and jujube (Ziziphus Jujuba).
Various companies are active in the field of production and processing of various agricultural products in this region of the country.
There are very few companies that are active in supplying Zereshk with export standards.

Most of the Khorasan Barberry Workshops are active in processing, sorting, and packaging all kinds of barberries. But there are not numerous companies exporting Iranian Zereshk to other countries such as Oman and Kuwait.

Anari barberry is usually available in Khorasan’s market from December.
While the first puffy barberries are ready for market from March every year.

The difference in the drying time of the product causes a change in appearance as well as the price of barberry.
Puffy barberry takes about 4 to 5 months to dry.

Due to the volume of production and good sales, its price is higher than other types of barberries.
The Artin Barberry Production Company is one of the active companies in supplying the export-quality and various types of barberry.

This company processes its products from the orchards of Khorasan.
Barberry varieties are sorted in several steps so that the product is ready to be packaged with the least foreign ingredients.
Of course, in the standard defined for barberry, there is a small percentage of tails, immaturity, and crushing berries.

The technical unit of this company always tries to supply barberry for export with the best quality.

Receiving Prices of Iranian Zereshk for the Oman Market

Receiving Prices of Iranian Zereshk for the Oman MarketAs in the previous sections, the puffy variety is ready for the market every year from March.
Until January of next year, the same barberries will be bought and sold in the market.

To buy bulk dried barberry in puffy shape should pay attention to various quality parameters.
The main ones are as follows:

  1. Product Color
  2. Uniformity of shape and color
  3. Moisture content
  4. Amount of foreign substances (brewed, immature, other types, etc.)
  5. Size of the barberries
  6. Package type

All these factors have a direct impact on determining the quality and consequently the price of barberry.
In addition to all these cases, the volume of the order can also be effective in determining the amount of product discount.
If you need to buy barberry for export, you can contact the Artin sales unit.

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