Zereshk for Ukraine | Grade A Iranian Barberries

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Zereshk for Ukraine

Zereshk for Ukraine | Grade A Iranian Barberries

Do you buy Zereshk for Ukraine? The Artin company is the producer and exporter of grade A Iranian dried barberries for Russia and Ukraine.

The type of barberry that most of Iranian producers export to Ukraine is Iranian Anari Zereshk.
The moisture content and cleanliness of Zereshk are the most important parameters for the Ukraine market.

Dried barberries of Iran are available in 2 main types in the market:

  1. Iranian ANARI Zereshk
  2. Iranian POFAKI Zereshk

Each of which has its own buyers in the markets of different countries.
Iranian ANARI Zereshk is better for export to Ukraine. The Grade A barberry is good for sale in shops and chain stores and Grade B is using to produce Tobacco in Ukraine.

Supplying Grade A Iranian Barberries

Grade A Iranian Barberries

Iranian barberry exports have flourished since the early 2011.
This product was initially shipped in very small volumes to different countries.

At that time, most consumers and buyers of Iranian Zereshk in world markets were Iranians living in other countries.
The ratio of the amount and population of Iranians living in other countries directly affects the volume of barberry imports.

But after that, other people got acquainted with this Iranian product.
And this product is in use for cooking various foods and producing many other products, including sweets, chocolates, and ice cream.
Germany is now a perfect market for grade A Iranian barberries that uses barberries to produce delicious ice-creams and sodas.

Due to its high pharmacotherapeutic properties, this product also encourages pharmaceutical companies to use this product.
All this together lead to a huge increase in barberry exports/imports.
In fact, in the recent years, the hope to significant increases in the export volumes causes the prices to get higher and higher year by year.

The boom in barberry exports has made farmers and producers eager to produce high-quality and grade A products.

Artin Dried Zereshk Wholesale for Ukraine

Artin Dried Zereshk Wholesale

As you are aware, it is the largest center and hub of barberry production in Iran in South Khorasan province.
From this province, various strategic products are getting export, the main ones of which are as follows:

  • Iranian Saffron
  • Persian Berberis Vulgaris Fruits: Iranian Zereshk (Dried Barberries)
  • Jujubes or Ziziphus Jujuba Fruits

Until a few years ago, a large volume of barberry was in use inside Iran (in the domestic market of Iran).
But at present, an acceptable volume of barberry products in Khorasan province is using for export to different countries.

One of the active collections and factories in the field of sale and export of high-quality Iranian barberry is the Artin Zereshk Company.
In this industrial unit, various types of dried barberry are produced, processed, and packaged for export.
The point is, the Artin company exports Iranian Zereshk to Ukraine and in fact, Ukraine is one of the first markets of the Artin company for barberries.

The maximum production capacity in this collection is to the following w products:


Each of these products has its own buyers in specific markets.
Wholesale of Artin barberry are is at competitive prices in the market according to quality parameters.

Note that when buying Iranian Zereshk for Ukraine, you should pay attention to many points about its quality.
In this regard, you can also get help from food laboratories to test and measure the physicochemical parameters of this product.

Certificates for Exporting Grade A Iranian Zereshk to Ukraine

Grade A Iranian Zereshk

For the export/import of barberry to Ukraine, as in other countries, some certificates are clear and necessarry.
These documents must be delivered to the recipient in the city and country of destination along with the original load.

In order to clear the goods from the customs of Ukraine or other countries with the original documents.
The general requirements for the export and clearance of barberry are as follows:

  1. Certificate of Origin (Form A)
  2. Phytosanitary Certificate of Quarantine
  3. Barberry Health Certificate
  4. Invoice
  5. Packing list
  6. Also, Bill of lading
  7. And also, Fumigation Certificate

In general, these documents Should be ready for export in Iran.

It is very important that bulk barberry does not need to the mandatory standard of Iran.

For Ukraine, a high percentage of customers also apply for a health certificate.
The Health Certificate is a certificate that the Food and Drug Administration of Iran issues under the auspices of the University of Medical Sciences.
Also, The process of receiving this certificate is time-consuming.
The time to receive the test result and obtain a health certificate is about 1 working week.

You can see more information about Artin products through the following link:

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