Zereshk Imports to Turkey in Bulk from Iran

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Zereshk Imports to Turkey in Bulk from Iran

Zereshk imports to Turkey in bulk directly from Iran. This is a profitable business if you know where to buy Iranian red barberry fruits.

Many companies are importing barberry to Turkey from Iran in a very high volume because this country is one of the main centers for selling barberry. In fact, many buyers send Iranian Zereshk through this country to various markets in European and Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia.

Of course, the volume of barberry use in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, is significant because barberry is in use as a raw material in various models of sweets.

There are various qualities of barberry fruits available in Iran for export to Turkey. But, when we talk about Zereshk imports to Turkey, we need to know the exact use and market to choose the correct quality.

Uses of Iranian Zereshk in Turkey

Iran is one of the largest producers of barberry. And also, Iran exports barberries in bulk to other countries.
Iranian barberry also has a very high quality. Meanwhile, barberry exports to Turkey are also booming.
This Zereshk imports to Turkey is for two reasons:

  • At first, using Iranian Zereshk in Turkey
  • Secondly, re-exporting barberry to European countries

In Turkey, Iranian barberry is in use to produce sweets. It can be said that LOKUM (Turkish Delights) has the highest consumption of barberry. In fact, there is a special variety of Lokum produced by barberry.

Many merchants also concentrate on this type of pastries to supply barberries for their production.
Iranian ANARI Zereshk is in use to produce this type of sweet.
On the other hand, many shipments to Turkey are for re-send to European countries. Puffy barberry (Iranian POFAKI Zereshk) is often in use to send cargo to European countries.

In general, POFAKI and ANARI barberry are both for import to Turkey.
According to these statements, we must examine our target market before buying and exporting. And then choose the suitable variety and quality.

Purchasing Best Quality of Iranian Zereshk in Bulk

We know that the best way to buy barberry in bulk is to buy it from the producers of Khorasan.
But here we must pay attention to an important point. Due to the advancement of technology in recent years, online sales of barberry have become very widespread.

Now, with a simple call, you can do your purchase and place the order.
For advice or online purchase of Iranian barberry, you can contact the consultants of Artin company.
The point is that the Artin company is active in the bulk purchase of these products.

Importing Barberry | Affordable Prices and Low Costs

One of the most important questions for us is perhaps what parameters determine the price of barberry.
The price of barberry depends on various factors such as the type of barberry, its color, and the degree of contamination or health of barberry.
By providing these items to various experts, you can receive the price of barberry.

Of course, in order to import barberries, packaging, customs, and shipment are also important.
For example, the Artin company uses special packaging to send barberry to Turkey.
This package includes a special fabric layer and a barberry carton.
This has attracted the satisfaction of Turkish merchants from the Artin company.

So note that relying on small and large points and the experience of experts to try to increase the quality of products. Artin collection is also one of the collections that work in the field of barberry and its export.

Due to its structure and relations with farmers and entrepreneurs in the barberry field, this company creates two main advantages.
The first advantage is the price reduction compared to the competitors. In fact, by buying from this collection, you can get the barberry you want at a lower price.
The second advantage is also for traders, due to the reduction in the price of barberry, the final price for consumers will also decrease.
This will make the merchants sell more and make more profit in this field.

For advice, purchase, or export/import of barberry, you can contact the consultants of the Artin company.
We hope to introduce and offer these valuable products to all the people of the world with your cooperation.

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