Zereshk in Australia | Barberries Export Import

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Zereshk in Australia

Zereshk in Australia | Barberries Export Import

If you want to buy Iranian Zereshk in Australia, read this article. You can import Iranian barberries with export qualities directly from producers and suppliers in Iran.

One of the importers of Persian Zereshk is Australia. In fact, there are many buyers in Australia for Iranian Berberis Vulgaris fruit.
Various food companies in Australia buy barberries from Iran along with other nuts, including pistachios and almonds.
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First-Class Iranian Zereshk in Australia

Iranian Zereshk in Australia

Buyers and importers of barberries to Australia are very sensitive to the quality of the product.
First-Class and top Iranian barberries have a good sales volume in Australian markets.
Many people and traders in the food business between Iran and Australia also want to buy barberries.

The quality and packaging of barberry in bulk are very important in the field of barberry export/import.
Two main types of Iranian Zereshk have market and buyers in Australia:

First: Iranian POFAKI Zereshk (Puffy-shape Dried Barberries)

Second: Iranian ANARI Zereshk (Pomegranate-seeds-shape Dried Barberries)

Among the quality parameters of barberry the following items are the most important ones:

    • Product color
    • Amount of Moisture
    • Cleanliness (no foreign materials including razor, tail, waste, etc.)
    • Barberry size
    • Ans also, packing

All these factors have a direct impact on determining the quality and price of barberry fruits.

Import/Export of High-Quality Iranian Barberries

High-Quality Iranian Barberries

High-quality barberry is exporting from Iran to different countries.
Obviously, Each country orders special barberry according to its needs and type of consumption.

The highest number of orders regarding export/import of barberry as well as Iranian customs statistics show that the following countries have the highest demand for major purchases of Iranian barberry:

Since the export volume of barberries is not very high in comparison with its production, its price is determined by its domestic sales.
In some periods, the demand for barberry in the domestic market is very high and this causes the price to increase.
But changes in the exchange rate of the USD (ti IRR) do not have much effect on the price of barberry inside Iran.
This is in the interest of exporters at times.

As mentioned, Iranian Zereshk has many uses and applications, not only in Iran but also in Australia.
This has led to an increase in demand for barberries in different countries. Production of beverages, ice cream, chocolate, Lokum, and busing it in cooking.
It should be noted, that there are new applications for this product in some countries.

Another high consumption of barberry is in pharmaceutical factories.
Barberry is also welcomed by various pharmaceutical companies due to its high healing properties.
Of course, more than barberry itself, its bark and roots, which contain berberine, are using by these companies.

How to find the Price of Zereshk in Australia to Import?

Price of Zereshk in Australia

The price of barberry, as mentioned, depends more on supply and demand.
Of course, barberry is a shrub that bears fruit every 2 years.
This also increases and decreases the supply of barberry in the market.

The price of barberry depends on several parameters.
The most important of which were mentioned in previous sections regarding product quality.
In other words, after selecting the type of Iranian Zereshk to import, the study of its quality parameters is the next priority.

By specifying the following items, the exact price related to the bulk purchase of barberry can be determined:

First, Barberry type (Variety)

Socond, Order amount

Third, Package type

Forth, Delivery time

Fifth (Finally), Destination country

To receive the exact price and also to register the order, you can contact the sales unit of Artinnuts company.

Major Exporter of Barberry

Major Exporter of Barberry

One of the companies supplying barberry for export/import is Artin Barberry Production Company.
Obviously, You can buy barberry products for export directly from this company.

As you are aware, the barberry production center of Iran is South Khorasan province. Also, you may hear about Mashhad but Mashhad is a wholesale center, not a production center.
In this province, various types of barberry are producing with different qualities.

Due to the climatic conditions, the products of different regions of this province are different from each other.
In some areas, barberries have a higher grade or better size.
In some other areas, the color of the product has a better appearance in quality.

That is why it is always necessary to look closely at the sample of the requested product for the bulk purchase of barberry.
Of course, you can contact the sales department of this collection for more information.
Or also you can wait for our colleagues to contact you by filling out the relevant forms.

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