Affordable Slivered Pistachios for Import/Export

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Affordable Slivered Pistachios

Affordable Slivered Pistachios for Import/Export

Pistachio Slivers and Slices are not low price pistachio products. Artin factory produce and supplies affordable slivered pistachios for export and import.
Iran is one of the largest and most well-known producers of the best pistachio and almond slices and slivers in the world, which uses this product for export.
Slices also produce in high tonnage at reasonable prices for domestic sale.

The use of chopped pistachios in Iran is much less than almond slices and slivers. Of course, the price of this product is also higher than almond slices.
However, the export market welcomes Iranian pistachios.

In the following, we will examine the different uses of pistachio slices, the characteristics of the best pistachio and almond slivers available in the market, as well as the supplying of this product at a reasonable price.
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Slivered Pistachios Usages and Consumption

Slivered Pistachios

There are two groups of uses for chopped pistachios in different markets:

  • Uses of pistachio and almond slices in Iran
  • Uses of pistachio and almond slices in the export market

Chopped Pistachios in Domestic Market

Chopped Pistachios

Usually, pistachio slices are less used in the Iranian market in homes and more as raw materials in the production of some foods.
The following are the main consumption and uses for this product in Iran:

  1. Production of some foods in restaurants, such as Kermanshahi ​​stew or some foods in Khouzestan
  2. Production of Halva
  3. Use in a variety of ice cream and sweets
  4. Packaging for sale in chain stores for home uses

The Best Affordable Slivered Pistachios for Iran’s Domestic Market

Affordable Slivered Pistachios

Due to the fact that pistachios are less popular in export and domestic markets, producers are looking to reduce the cost of the product to increase demand.
With this approach, some quality parameters of pistachio slices and slivers using in the domestic market loose.

However, we have to refer to more common qualities in the review of pistachio and almond slices using in the domestic market.
The yellow color and the presence of broken and granulated among the chopped pistachios cause the price of the product to be lower.
Slivered pistachios produced from Kerman and Buin Zahra pistachio kernels are generally of this quality.

In the case of almond slices, the quality and taste of almond slices producing from Afghan almond kernels is poorer.
Therefore, the best slices of pistachios and almonds for use in the domestic market can be the above.

Do not forget that in the above review, the meaning of the best pistachio and almond slices is actually the best-selling type of pistachio slices in the domestic market at a reasonable price. Or in fact, the best affordable slivered pistachios and almonds for the domestic market.

Iranian Slivered Pistachios in Export/Import Market

Iranian Slivered Pistachios

The use of pistachio slices and slivers for export to the world’s markets is not limited and is varied. But varies slightly depending on the destination country.

  • Use pistachio and almond slices and slivers in restaurants and foodstuffs
  • Production of ice cream and sweets with the best Iranian pistachio and almond slices
  • Use pistachio slices in protein products such as sausages

As mentioned before, the use of almond and pistachio slices and slivers is different in different countries.
For example, the use of pistachio and almond slices in food is common in Arab countries.
Or the use of pistachio and almond slices in the production of various sweets in Turkey is very desirable.

The Best Affordable Slivered Pistachios for Export/Import

Affordable Slivered Pistachios

Considering that the final price of chopped pistachios in terms of dollars in the market of other countries is very suitable for purchase in comparison with Iran’s domestic market, the export of this product from Iran is very popular.

Quality is one of the most important parameters in the export of pistachios and almonds to most countries.
As a result, it should note that the following should consider for the export of pistachio and almond slices:

  • The slices and slivers should be uniform and the same size.
  • There should not be granulated, broken and crushed slices and slivers in the export quality of the product
  • The color of the slivered ​pistachios should be uniformly green and the color of the sliced ​​almonds should be uniformly white.

Artin Chopped Pistachios

Artin Chopped Pistachios

Artin Sliced and Slivered Pistachio Kernels Production Factory is active in the production of these products with various qualities.
Certainly the type of pistachio and almond slices uses in the domestic market is different from the type uses in the export market.

Also, proper packaging has a great impact on the sale of this product and its durability, so Artin Company seeks to use the best and most appropriate packaging in this field.

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