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If you are willing to buy slivered pistachios with green color and fresh test, you need to buy directly from Iranian producers and exporters.

As you might know, Iran is the main and one of the biggest producers of pistachio products in the world.

The Artin company is also producing pistachio granule and slice.
Obviously, You can buy slivered pistachio directly from Iran. You just need to click on the image below to send a message to our sales managers.

Buy Pistachio Slivers

Buy Pistachio Slivers for Export/Import

Sliced and Slivered pistachios usually using to produce delicious foodstuffs. If you want to buy pistachio slivers and slices in large quantities for export or import, let us tell...

Buy Slivered Pistachios

Sell/Buy Slivered Pistachios Bulk Online

When you want to sell/buy slivered pistachios in bulk online, It's better to make a direct contact to the wholesaler or importers and even producers.Iran is the main producer...